Lighting Solutions for Stitchers

Woman using lamp while stitching

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Proper lighting is essential to cross stitch success. It is so much easier to stitch on any cross stitch stitching surface when it is well-illuminated. There are many lights on the market that promise to help you with seeing clearer. While many of them are expensive, there are alternatives. 

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    Daylight Fluorescent Bulbs

    Daylight fluorescent bulbs


    Use a regular lamp and one of these compact fluorescent bulbs to improve the lighting in your stitching area. These are great depending on the wattage and what your lamp socket can handle. This is the cheapest alternative and again, depending on the wattage can be the most decorative. Many craft lamps are very sterile looking but with fluorescent bulbs, you can decorate ​your choosing. 

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    Daylight Needlework Uplight

    Daylight Uplight lamp


    This sort of light is a must-have if you enjoy working on dark-colored and black Aida and linen fabric. Place the lightweight lamp on your lap and illuminate the back of the fabric.

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    Daylight Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp

    Daylight ultra slim magnifying lamp


    If you have a craft table, then you will want to seriously consider adding this lamp to it. It features a bright 28-watt light and a magnifier with several levels of magnification. An optional floor stand is also available.

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    Mighty Bright Vusion Craft Light

    Mighty Bright Vusion Craft Light

     Mighty Bright

    The Mighty Bright Vusion Craft Light is a compact light and magnifier that assists stitchers in solving lighting issues, especially when portability is a must. The 2x magnification is powerful enough for very fine detail. The lamp clip is quite large and fits on most hoops and frames, including a Q-Snap.

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    OTT-Lite True Color 24w Craft Plus Floor Lamp

    OttLite 24w Craft Plus Floor Lamp


    Bring natural light indoors with this OTT-Lite True Color floor lamp. The floor lamp is suitable for lighting a fairly large area and has a sturdy base, yet offers portability for various work areas.