Liar's Dice - Call My Bluff

Liar's Dice

One of my favorite games, Liar's Dice (also known as Call My Bluff or just Bluff) goes in and out of print. Each player rolls five dice and keeps the result secret from other players. They then take turns bidding on the total results. (e.g. "There are seven 4s." or "I say there are nine 2s.")

When a player believes the bidding has gone too high, he challenges the previous bid. Depending on the results, at least one player will lose at least one die. The last player holding any dice is the winner.


For 2 to 6 players, ages 8 and up. Liar's Dice takes about 20 minutes per game.


Liar's Dice was designed by Richard Borg.


Also known as Call My Bluff, Bluff, Perudo and other names, the edition known as Liar's Dice was published by Milton Bradley. Other publishers include FX Schmid, Piatnik, Ravensburger, and Endless Games.


Liar's Dice is a bluffing game and a dice game.

Also by Richard Borg

Borg is a prolific designer. He has created about 20 other published games, including BattleLore (2006), Memoir '44 (2004), Commands and Colors (2006), Wyatt Earp (2001), Battle Cry (2000), Mutant Chronicles: Siege of the Citadel (1993), Hera and Zeus (2000), and X-Men Alert (1992). Here are my picks for the best games designed by Richard Borg.


In 2006, a version of Liar's Dice won the Arets Spel (a Swedish gaming industry award) for best adult game. It is also on our list of the best dice games.