LEGO Stores Monthly Mini Model Build Will Get You Free LEGOs

Young boy playing with LEGOs.

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The free LEGO Mini Build program is currently on hold. It's expected to return in the near future.

LEGOs are popular with kids and adults and have been for over 50 years. Every month, LEGO stores around the world host a free event for kids ages 6 through 14 called the monthly mini model build.

At this free event, kids will learn how to build a mini model and then take home the free LEGOs used to complete it. There's a different mini model to build each month and it gives kids a chance to get some free LEGOs, improve their building skills, and meet other kids who are just as crazy about LEGOs as they are.

Upcoming LEGO Monthly Builds

You can get free LEGOs through this program by attending a monthly mini model build at your local LEGO store.

You'll need to register for the event in advance. Spaces fill up fast so sign up right away if you see one you're interested in. You'll need to be a LEGO VIP member to register, and this is free to join but make take up to 48 hours for your membership to be finalized.

How to Get Your Free LEGOs

You can get your free LEGOs by clicking the link above to register for the event. Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis and around 120 sets are available per store on each day of the event.

Free Legos Given out at Past Lego Stores

In the past, the free LEGOs given out have been used to make mini models such as a hockey player, cobra, nutcracker, vampire, watering can, graduate, shark, lawnmower, lighthouse, snowman, turkey, fireplace, Frankenstein, frog, and many more.

Restrictions on the Monthly Mini Model Builds

The monthly mini model builds are only for kids ages 6 through 14. There's a limit of four children per each household that can attend.

Kids must stay for the event instead of picking up the set and leaving. The kit may not be picked up at a later time. The models will not be for sale at any time.

The free LEGOs for the mini builds are available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany LEGO stores.

More Freebies from LEGO

Kids can also receive a free LEGO Club magazine subscription in the mail every month. This magazine is filled with LEGO news, build tutorials, games, and other cool stuff any LEGO fan will love.

There are some DIY LEGO table plans if you'd like to tackle an easy DIY project for the LEGO lover in your house.