Turkish Crochet Types and Patterns

Oya thread crochet and other versions of Turkish crochet are fun to learn

Oya Crochet Jewelry Pattern

FoxStitches, Ravelry

Turkish crochet is a type of thread crochet that uses a small hook and specific types of stitches to create a lacy design. This type of crochet, also called oya, is vintage lace crochet that typically incorporates beads into the design. Turkish crochet is used to make jewelry as well as to add decorative edging to other projects such as shawls.

Sometimes when you look for Turkish crochet patterns, you will come across crochet patterns worked in regular yarn. Usually, these are some type of "Turkish crochet stitch" such as the Turkish Star Stitch or Turkish Ripple Stitch. These crochet stitch patterns aren't the same as oya crochet but can also be fun to learn.

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    Turkish Flat Bead Crochet Bracelet Pattern

    Turkish crochet bracelet pattern

     Phyllis Serbes, Ravelry

    This is the same Turkish crochet technique but in this case, it is designed specifically as a bracelet pattern. You can use different beads to create different design styles for this bracelet, but the basic foundation of the pattern will always be the same.

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    Turkish Crochet Flower Necklace Pattern

    Turkish crochet flower necklace pattern

    Dora Ohrenstein, Interweave Crochet

    Turkish crochet frequently incorporates floral designs similar to those shown in this crochet pattern. It is designed as a crochet necklace. However, it can also be used to create the edging on a scarf or even trim for a skirt or pillowcase. This is a modern interpretation of a classic oya design.

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    Turkish Crochet Lariat Free Pattern

    Oya crochet jewelry pattern

    FoxStitches, Ravelry

    This crochet pattern can be worked as short or as long as you like to create a bracelet or necklace using Turkish crochet techniques. This pattern has excellent detail, including photos, to help you see how to work oya crochet. In fact, in addition to the original crochet pattern, you will get instructions for an easier version of the pattern. 

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    Turkish Crochet Rose Free Pattern

    Turkish crochet rose free pattern

    Sunshine's Creations 

    This is a free Turkish crochet pattern for a trim made of roses. The designer created a trim to add on to the edge of a silk scarf. This oya trim could be used on a variety of different fabrics to add a delicate touch to home and accessories. This is written as a basic crochet pattern using simple stitches in combination with Solomon's Knot to achieve the desired effect. It is, of course, worked in thread.

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    Beaded Crochet Carnation Free Oya Pattern

    Beaded Turkish crochet necklace free pattern

    Sunshine's Creations 

    The previous pattern, as well as this one, comes from Sunshine's Creations, a terrific resource for free oya crochet patterns. This one uses the traditional Turkish crochet design in combination with beads for a new style of oya trim. As with the other design, it can be used to edge a scarf, pillow or another fabric item, but it can also be worn alone as a crochet necklace.

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    Turkish Crochet Oya Squares Pattern

    Turkish crochet edging

    Khadijeh Koc, Ravelry


    This is a simple Turkish crochet edging pattern where the design consists of four squares that are worked at different angles. One of the squares is worked in a different color to create the illusion of a floral pattern. The trim between each motif is made using Solomon's Knots.

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    Easy Crochet Oya Edging Free Pattern

    Easy crochet oya edging free pattern

    Ferula Penola, Ravelry

    This simple crochet edging uses only crochet chains, slip stitch and single crochet. The design is a traditional, easy oya crochet design. It is attached here as a scarf edging.

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    Crochet Patterns Inspired by Turkish Crochet

    Crochet cuff pattern

     Sewella, Etsy

    Turkish crochet, as you have seen, is worked in the thread and often incorporates beads. However, many people prefer working with yarn. Yarn-based crochet patterns, with or without beads, can draw inspiration from Turkish crochet for a delicate look. Here are some examples:

    • The Turkish Delight Cuff is a crochet cuff bracelet pattern, rich in photo instructions, that uses basic crochet stitches adorned with beads.
    • The Turkish Inspired Linked Shell is a crochet scarf pattern that was originally inspired by the trim on a Turkish bath towel.
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    Turkish Crochet Stitches

    Turkish star stitch

    Nicki's Homemade Crafts 

    There are also a few crochet stitch patterns that might come up as you research Turkish crochet. Oya crochet doesn't use any stitches that are different from "regular" crochet, so these aren't technically "Turkish crochet stitches." However, these other stitch patterns are unique and you may want to add them to your repertoire.