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How to Sew by Hand and Hand Sewing Projects

I've never done it but I know some people have sewed an entire garment by hand sewing all of the stitches. Even if you have a sewing machine, there are times that basic hand sewing is going to give you the results you want without using a sewing machine. Learn about hand sewed stitches and how to sew them so that you will automatically know what stitch works best and where to use the various hand sewing stitches.

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    How to Thread a Hand Sewing Needle

    Fingers threading needle
    MOURIER NINA / Getty Images

    Threading a sewing needle can be an exasperating task. Here are a few suggestions to make the job easier.

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    Hand Sewing Needles

    Assorted sewing needles and pins, close up.
    Dorling Kindersley / Getty Images

    Hand sewing needles are available in all kinds of shapes and forms. Seeing them and learning about them, help you make the correct choice.

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    Knot the End of Hand Sewing Thread

    Ariadne's thread
    Manfredi Caracausi / Getty Images

    Learn how to knot the end of your hand sewing thread here.A little bit of practice and you will be creating a perfect knot.

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    How to Use a Needle Threader

    Man threading a needle with a threader
    Diane Macdonald / Getty Images

    They come with some sewing needles and can be purchased in almost all sewing notion sections but many people set them aside rather than figure out how to use them.

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    Sewing Needle Threading Tips & Tricks

    Fashion design threading needle in studio
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    Threading a sewing needle shouldn't take up your valuable time and it shouldn't be frustrating! Following a few simple tips and tricks can make the job a breeze!

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    How to Baste

    Sewing basting guidelines onto needlepoint design (making a cushion)
    Steve Gorton / Getty Images

    Taking the time to baste is often the best way to achieve desirable results at the sewing machine Learn how here.

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    Sew a Slip Stitch

    Slipstitching seam of cushion
    Sam Lloyd / Getty Images

    A slip stitch is a common hem stitch and is used when you don't want visible stitches.

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    How to Hand Sew a Blanket Stitch

    Blanket stitches decorating the edge of a fabric, ball of purple wool nearby
    Andy Crawford, Steve Gorton / Getty Images

    A blanket stitch can do more than trim a blanket. Yo-yos are a great place to experiment with learning how to sew a blanket stitch. Learn how here.

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    Chain Stitch

    Pink, chain loop mesh stitch shawl, close-up
    Ruth Jenkinson / Getty Images

    A chain stitch is a series of loops that lay on the fabric forming a loose style line. It can be decorative or functional.

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    Running Stitch -- What is it and why Q&A

    Using needle and thread to sew running stitch or straight stitch on hem of blue cotton fabric
    Andy Crawford / Getty Images

    A​ running stitch is one of the most simple hand sewing stitches. Find how to hand sew a running stitch here.

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    How to Hand Sew a Backstitch

    Red and blue strellson jeans close up
    Yago Veith / Getty Images

    A hand sewn back stitch is a strong, reliable stitch. These directions explain the back stitch which can mend seams and replace zippers.

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    How to Sew on a Shank Button

    'Buttoned Harris tweed jacket, detail.'
    Oliver Childs / Getty Images

    A shank button is going to be hand sewn... there is no getting around it. Learn how to make sure the button stays on the garment.

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    How To Sew on a Flat Button

    A threaded needle and button
    Larry Washburn / Getty Images

    Your sewing machine may be able to sew on flat buttons but hand sewing is usually the quickest method for one or two buttons.

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    How to Sew a Basic Fabric Yo-Yo

    Fabric yo-yos
    iris/Flickr/ CC BY-ND 2.0

    How to sew a fabric yo-yo or a gathered circle of fabric is a common question. A yo-yo is 100% hand sewn. You'll find free step by step photo enhanced directions to sew a fabric yo-yo.

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    Yo-Yo Sewing Projects - - What to do with Yo-Yos

    Decorative fabric yo-yo
    Lisa Plummer/Flickr/ CC BY-SA 2.0

    You've been bitten by the bug and have bags of yo-yos ready to make something. These hand sewn projects will get those yo-yos out of the bag! Find all kinds of inspiration and ideas here.