5 Easy Magic Tricks for Halloween

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How about some eerie, our of this world magic tricks for Halloween? Just take our simple magic effects and dress them up a bit, and you can enhance your themes and costumes. If someone is dressed up as a wizard, for example, how about performing a levitation or suspension of a small object? Or how about a mentalism trick–a bit of mind reading or a prediction–to add to the fun?

These are easy to learn and perform and employ everyday items found around the house.

To learn more tricks, check out our collection of easy magic tricks for beginners. You're bound to find more magic tricks that may lend themselves to your Halloween theme.

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    The Levitating Ring

    Wayne Kawamoto

    A finger ring that's resting on a pencil mysteriously levitates on its own. There's some preparation involved, but you should have fun surprising your friends with this one. There's also a variation of this effect that you can learn where a pencil floats out of a bottle.

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    The Magnetic Hand

    Wayne Kawamoto

    In this mysterious and visual suspension trick, you somehow cause several playing cards to adhere to your hand as if it were a magnet. This one takes some preparation ahead of time, but the results are well worth it.

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    The Rising Ring

    Wayne Kawamoto

    In our second levitation effect, a finger ring that's threaded onto a rubberband mysteriously rises on its own accord. This one is super easy and all you need is a rubberband and a ring. There's almost no preparation.

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    The Magnetic Pencil

    Wayne Kawamoto

    In our second suspension magic trick, a pencil mysteriously adheres to your hand. And we teach two versions: 1) in the first the magic happens and you teach everyone how it's done, and 2) in the second phase, you perform the trick again and spectators have no idea how it's done - it's apparently real magic.

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    How to Float and Spin a Playing Card

    Wayne Kawamoto

    Here's a flashy effect where a card mysteriously floats and spins. Definitely check this one out.