Introduction to Crochet Techniques

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Crochet is a versatile craft, with many different techniques to try. Here you will find free instructions, articles, patterns, and tutorials to enable you to learn a variety of different crochet techniques.

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    Basic Crochet Techniques

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    Sewing Techniques for Crocheting

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    Sometimes crocheting and sewing go hand-in-hand. There are many instances where you'll need to stitch some seams or join pieces to finish up your crochet project. These sewing techniques are especially useful for crochet:

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    Tunisian Crochet Technique

    Tunisian crochet blanket

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    Tunisian crochet is a popular technique that has many things in common with knitting. If you'd like to learn more about Tunisian crochet, you're invited to visit the following pages for background, tutorials, and patterns:

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    Tapestry Crochet Technique

    crochet blanket with intricate designs

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    Tapestry crochet allows you to create colorful, interesting patterned fabrics, and even fabrics that incorporate pictures and motifs. This is a popular technique for avid crocheters because there are so many amazing things you can do with it. Use the following tutorial and patterns to get started with tapestry crochet:

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    Bead Crochet Techniques

    close-up beaded necklace with crochet flowers

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    Incorporate beads into your crochet projects. Learn how to crochet with beads using some basic techniques and free bead crochet patterns.

    One advanced project you can take on is a beaded crochet necklace with a dichroic glass pendant. You can either follow through each step of the process or work from a concise necklace pattern, depending on your level of comfort.

    Moving beyond beads, you can also work with these free crocheted jewelry patterns.

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    Wire Crochet Techniques

    wire crochet Christmas stars

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    You can crochet with wire using the same basic stitches you use for crocheting with yarn, but the finished projects are dramatically different. Technique-wise, one of the biggest differences is that it's difficult (or in many cases, impossible) to undo your stitches. So, you have to work carefully and deliberately to avoid mistakes.

    Since wire crochet lends itself well to making jewelry, using wire crochet jewelry patterns offers a fantastic introduction to the wire crochet technique.

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    Fabric Crochet Techniques

    Rows of Crochet
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    Fabric crochet, also known as "rag crochet," involves crocheting with long strips of fabric. You can make an interesting variety of different projects using this technique. If you haven't tried this before, rag crochet necklace projects offer you a quick introduction to the technique. Jumping into a project with a pattern is the best way to get comfortable with this technique. You could also try making a rag bag or rag rug if you'd like to try a more in-depth project.

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    Surface Crochet Techniques

    surface crochet slip stitches

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    Surface crochet is a technique applied to the surface of a crocheted fabric. The following links show you how to do a couple of different surface crochet techniques.

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    Freeform Crochet Technique

    multicolor freeform crochet

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    Freeform crochet is a technique that blurs the lines between art and craft. If you want to take an artistic approach to crochet, this technique is for you.

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    Knooking Technique

    knooking supplies

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    The Knooking technique falls somewhere between crocheting and knitting. It isn't exactly a crochet technique, nor is it exactly a knitting technique either. It is also different enough from both knitting and crocheting to be its own thing.

    To knook, you use a tool that resembles a ​crochet hook and you end up with a knitted fabric. There are specific products that are useful for knooking. The Knook Beginner Set by Leisure Arts is a great place to start for identifying the tools and supplies needed for knooking.

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