Learn the Farrow Rib Stitch

Farrow Rib

The Spruce / Sarah White

The farrow rib stitch is an easy twist on a classic rib stitch for knitters looking for something a little different. It's reversible stitch pattern and warm texturing makes it great for winter wear. It's a versatile stitch with neat vertical lines that look great on men and women alike. 

Great for Beginners

The texture of this stitch is thick and stretchy, great for a bulky yarn. It's one of the simplest patterns for beginner knitters to learn. Mistakes are easy to spot and correct in a pattern like this, which makes it great practice for novices. This stitch produces a sleek look that any knitter would be proud of. For those more comfortable in their skills, it can easily be altered to add a unique personal touch. Choosing boldly colored yarn will really make the unique ribbing in this pattern stand out. 

The Farrow Rib Pattern

This stitch works on multiples of three plus one stitches.

  1. Row one: (Knit two, purl one) to the last stitch, knit one.
  2. Row two: Purl one, (knit two, purl one) across.
  3. Repeat these two rows for pattern. Instructions in parentheses are repeated across the row.

Used in the farrow rib scarf.

Farrow rib can also be worked on multiples of three; just knit two, purl one on every row. It will look a little different, but both are good looking.