Learning the Drop Stitch Pattern

Turning a Mistake Into a Pattern

Drop stitch pattern
Jessica Spengler / Flickr / CC By 2.0

A dropped stitch is generally a knitter's nightmare but there are times when it can be used to create a beautiful garment. Intentionally dropping stitches creates an elegant elongated look.

Why Use the Drop Stitch

The dropped stitch is a simple pattern that allows you to create a more open and airy pattern great for light clothes. An easy wrapping technique is all you need to add a little space to your garment. The pattern creates a stretchy fabric perfect for a summer drape or cowl

The drop stitch or elongated stitch as it's also known is remarkably easy to learn. This is a great pattern for knitters looking for a simple but dramatic pattern to knit while watching tv. It's an easy stitch to incorporate in many patterns. Using loose stitches will create larger drops, while tighter ones will result in smaller drops. Be sure to keep the tension of your stitches consistent for the best effect.     

Drop Stitch Pattern

This stitch works on any number of stitches.

Row 1: Knit.

Row 2: Knit each stitch, wrapping the yarn around the needle twice instead of once when completing the stitch

Row 3: Knit each stitch, dropping the extra wrap off the needle as you complete each stitch.

Repeat these three rows for pattern.

You can also make dropped stitches on purl rows or wrap the yarn around the needle three or more times to make really long drops.