Lavender Sprig Napkins

Women's hands with a cross embroidered on the fabric patterns of flowers
AndreyCherkasov / Getty Images

To capture the colors of lavender (Lavandula), a native of the Mediterranean region, stitch a set of hand-embroidered Lavender Hour napkins featuring a simple sprig of flowers. The project uses embroidery thread in variegated colors of green and lavender, two basic surface embroidery stitches, and two colors of six-strand embroidery floss. You can stitch the simple design on ready-made napkins or make your own from cotton or linen fabric.

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Needle


  • Fabric napkins
  • Two colors of embroidery floss
  • Embroidery thread


  1. Prepare the Pattern

    Enlarge or reduce the size of the pattern provided to your needs. In this example, the finished size of the lavender sprig is about 2.5 inches in height. Print the pattern and then trace the design onto the napkins using either a water-soluble fabric marking pen or pencil (for temporary markings) or onto paper using a hot-iron transfer pencil (for permanent markings, which must be completely covered with embroidery.

    Pattern for Embroidered Lavender Napkins
    The Spruce / Cheryl C. Fall
  2. Stitch the Flower

    Work the stems in back stitch and the blossoms & leaves in single, detached chain stitches. Two strands of the six-strand floss are used for the stems, and three strands of the six-strand floss are used for the flowers and leaves.


    This tutorial uses DMC #94 and #126, but any over-dyed embroidery thread in the proper colors would work just as well. Lavender is also available in blue and pink varieties, so if purple isn’t your favorite color, you have other options.