How Much Is My Modern Jefferson Nickel Worth?

Modern Jefferson nickels were minted between 1965 and today. Most of these Nickels are still in circulation today. A beginning coin collector can assemble a complete set of these coins strictly from circulation.

Market for Jefferson Nickels

Jefferson nickels are still being made at the U.S. Mint and are actively used in commerce. Therefore, most circulated specimens are worth only face value, but there are a few that are worth a little more.

Key Dates, Rarities, and Varieties

The following Jefferson nickels in any condition, are worth considerable more than common ones. Therefore, look at the coin carefully or have the coin authenticated by a reputable coin dealer or third party grading service.

Note: These two nickels were issued by the U.S. Mint in special low mintage collector sets. The coins have a special finish on them that gives the entire surface of the coin a frosty finish.

  • 1994 P Matt Proof
  • 1997 P Matt Proof

Condition or Grade

If your coin is worn and looks similar to the one illustrated in the link below, it is considered a circulated coin.

If your coin looks similar to the one illustrated in the link below and has no evidence of wear due to being in circulation, it is considered an uncirculated coin.

Mint Marks

The mint mark is located on the obverse of the coin, right side below the date. Coins that were minted in Philadelphia (1965-1979) had no mint mark, or a  "P" mint mark from 1980 until the present.

Denver used a "D" and San Francisco used an "S"

Westward Journey Nickel Series Design Types

In 2004 the U.S. Mint began a special two-year series to commemorate the Louisiana Purchase, and Lewis and Clark's expedition. In 2004 two new reverse designs were introduced. In 2005 the obverse was changed and two new reverses were used.

In 2006 a new obverse was used and the original reverse showing Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello, was used once again. 

Jefferson Nickels Design Types
Original Design 1938-2003
2004  "Peace Medal"  &  "Keelboat"
2005  "Bison"  &  "Ocean"
2006 - Present: New Monticello Reverse

Modern Jefferson Nickel Average Values & Prices

The following table lists the buy ​price (what you can expect to pay to a dealer in order to purchase the coin) and sell value (what you can expect a dealer to pay you if you sell the coin). The first column lists the date and mint mark followed by the buy price and the sell value for an average circulated Jefferson five-cent coin. The next two columns list the buy price and the sell value for an average uncirculated. These are approximate retail prices and wholesale values. The actual offer you receive from a particular coin dealer will vary depending on the actual grade of the coin and a number of other factors that determine its worth.

Date & MintCirc. BuyCirc. Sell Unc. BuyUnc. Sell
1965F.V.F.V. $0.28$0.19
1965 SMSF.V.F.V. $0.58$0.41
1966F.V.F.V. $0.30$0.21
1966 SMSF.V.F.V. $0.55$0.39
1967F.V.F.V. $0.30$0.21
1967 SMSF.V.F.V. $0.53$0.39
1968-DF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.19
1968-SF.V.F.V. $0.34$0.25
1969-DF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.19
1969-SF.V.F.V. $0.39$0.26
1970-DF.V.F.V. $0.34$0.25
1970-SF.V.F.V. $0.53$0.39
1971F.V.F.V. $1.30$0.90
1971-DF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.19
1972F.V.F.V. $0.28$0.19
1972-DF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.20
1973F.V.F.V. $0.27$0.19
1973-DF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.21
1974F.V.F.V. $0.29$0.21
1974-DF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.18
1975F.V.F.V. $0.27$0.19
1975-DF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.20
1976F.V.F.V. $0.27$0.19
1976-DF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.18
1977F.V.F.V. $0.27$0.18
1977-DF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.20
Date & MintCirc. BuyCirc. Sell Unc. BuyUnc. Sell
1978F.V.F.V. $0.27$0.18
1978-DF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.18
1979F.V.F.V. $0.28$0.19
1979-DF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.19
1980-PF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.20
1980-DF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.19
1981-PF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.19
1981-DF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.19
1982-P$0.29$0.14 $4.70$3.50
1982-D$0.22$0.11 $1.30$0.90
1983-P$0.23$0.12 $1.80$1.20
1983-D$0.18F.V. $1.30$0.90
1984-P$0.13F.V. $1.10$0.70
1984-DF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.21
1985-PF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.19
1985-DF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.20
1986-PF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.19
1986-D$0.14F.V. $1.20$0.90
1987-PF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.20
1987-DF.V.F.V. $0.30$0.22
1988-PF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.20
1988-DF.V.F.V. $0.30$0.21
1989-PF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.18
1989-DF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.20
Date & MintCirc. BuyCirc. Sell Unc. BuyUnc. Sell
1990-PF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.21
1990-DF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.18
1991-PF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.18
1991-DF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.21
1992-PF.V.F.V. $1.20$0.80
1992-DF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.18
1993-PF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.19
1993-DF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.19
1994-PF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.19
1994-DF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.21
1994-P SMS *-- $44.00$29.00
1995-PF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.18
1995-DF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.19
1996-PF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.19
1996-DF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.18
1997-PF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.20
1997-DF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.19
1997-P SMS *-- $120.00$80.00
1998-PF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.19
1998-DF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.20
1999-PF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.21
1999-DF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.20
2000-PF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.21
2000-DF.V.F.V. $0.30$0.20
2001-PF.V.F.V. $0.30$0.22
2001-DF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.21
2002-PF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.20
2002-DF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.19
Date & MintCirc. BuyCirc. Sell Unc. BuyUnc. Sell
2003-PF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.20
2003-DF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.20
2004-P Peace-HandshakeF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.19
2004-D Peace-HandshakeF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.20
2004-P KeelboatF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.20
2004-D KeelboatF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.20
2005-P BisonF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.20
2005-P Bison SMSF.V.F.V. $2.70$2.00
2005-D BisonF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.19
2005-D Bison SMSF.V.F.V. $2.60$1.90
2005-P OceanF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.19
2005-P Ocean SMSF.V.F.V. $2.60$1.90
2005-D OceanF.V.F.V. $0.30$0.21
2005-D Ocean SMSF.V.F.V. $2.70$1.90
2006-P MonticelloF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.19
2006-P Monticello SMSF.V.F.V. $2.40$1.80
2006-D MonticelloF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.20
2006-D Monticello SMSF.V.F.V. $2.70$1.90
Date & MintCirc. BuyCirc. Sell Unc. BuyUnc. Sell
2007-PF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.20
2007-P SMSF.V.F.V. $2.40$1.60
2007-DF.V.F.V. $0.29$0.20
2007-D SMSF.V.F.V. $2.20$1.40
2008-PF.V.F.V. $0.28$0.19
2008-P SMSF.V.F.V. $2.20$1.60
2008-DF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.18
2008-D SMSF.V.F.V. $2.40$1.70
2009-PF.V.F.V. $0.34$0.24
2009-P SMSF.V.F.V. $2.20$1.60
2009-DF.V.F.V. $0.27$0.20
2009-D SMSF.V.F.V. $2.20$1.60
2010-PF.V.F.V. $0.34$0.24
2010-P SMSF.V.F.V. $2.20$1.60
2010-DF.V.F.V. $0.31$0.21
2010-D SMSF.V.F.V. $2.30$1.60
2011-PF.V.F.V. $0.32$0.22
2011-DF.V.F.V. $0.31$0.23
2012-PF.V.F.V. $0.31$0.22
2012-DF.V.F.V. $0.33$0.24
2013-PF.V.F.V. $0.32$0.23
2013-DF.V.F.V. $0.33$0.22
2014-PF.V.F.V. $0.33$0.23
2014-DF.V.F.V. $0.33$0.23
Date-Mint Set

Total Coins: 112
$30.00$15.00 $300.00$220.00
Date Set

Total Coins: 49
$7.00F.V. $65.00$45.00

F.V. = Face Value
"-" (dash) = Not Applicable or not enough data exists to calculate an average price
* = See the section above "Key Dates, Rarities and Varieties" for more information on these coins.