10 Latch Hook Rug Patterns, Kits, and Ideas

Latch hook swatch in progress

Heidi Gustad

For some, when they think of latch hook, they immediately picture the 1970s, but this rug-making technique has been around for around a hundred years and has never really gone away. In the 21st century, latch hook is modern, colorful, and often a lot more abstract than the latch-hooked clown kits from days gone by. It's a great way to use partial skeins of yarn and you can transform your work into wall hangings, pillows, rugs, and more!

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    Use Yarn Leftovers to Make a Rainbow

    Latch Hook the Rainbow by Hands Occupied
    Heidi Gustad

    Heidi Gustad of Hands Occupied literally wrote the book on modern latch hook (coming soon from Leisure Arts) and along with lots of basics tutorials, she also shares some fun projects. A great place to start is with her rainbow wall hanging project. Rather than making a traditional rainbow shape with a pattern to follow, you can work a range of yarn scraps onto the canvas for a modern abstract set of mini art wall pieces!

    Latch Hook the Rainbow from Hands Occupied

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    Hook a Gingham Rug

    Gingham Latch Hook Rug by Dream a Little Bigger
    Dream a Little Bigger

    Latch hook works on a grid, which makes gingham a perfectly easy pattern to follow. And it's so cute! Allison from Dream a Little Bigger walks you through the process from start to finish, and when you're done you'll have a fun rug that you'll want to dig your toes into.

    How to Make a Latch Hook Rug from Dream a Little Bigger

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    Let a Modern Kit Guide You

    Round and Flat Rug Hooking Kit by Chaumiere Oiseau
    Chaumiere Oiseau

    When you try a new craft, it's often helpful to start with a kit. This simple and lovely kit includes the canvas, velvety yarn, latch hook tool, template, and instructions so you can make a flat but fluffy cushion or wall hanging. You'll be able to get started straight away!

    Round Cushion Latch Hooking Kit, $55, Chaumiere Oiseau

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    Latch Hook a Dimensional Wall Hanging

    DIY Latch Hook Wall Hanging by Cupcake Cutie

    This simple wall hanging has a definite vintage vibe to it. It's also a simple project that lets you play with color, shape, and dimension. You can see how trimming the yarn really makes a difference when it comes to the look of your finished piece. And while this free tutorial only shows you how to make a square latch hook, you'll see other versions as inspiration in the post.

    DIY Latch Hook Wall Hanging from Cupcake Cutie

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    Make a Modern Latch-Hooked Rainbow

    Rainbow Latch Hook Wall Hanging by Studio DIY
    Studio DIY

    Rainbows were a frequent subject in the latch hook kits from days gone by, but this project from Studio DIY feels bright, fresh, and just what you'd like to see hanging in your child's room. The method for hanging your latch hook on a wooden rod is also a great technique that you may want to use in other latch hook projects, too!

    DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging from Studio DIY

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    Create a Colorful Cushion Cover With Yarn

    Shaggy Latch Hook Cushion Cover by My Poppet
    My Poppet

    Use freeform latch hook to make a cuddly cushion that makes a bold statement on your sofa! One of the smartest tips you'll learn from this tutorial is the unique way that Cintia from My Poppet assembles the pillow cover. She works several strands of different yarns together for an amazing texture that you'll want to replicate.

    DIY Shaggy Latch Hook Cushion Cover from My Poppet

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    Latch Hook Trendy Leaves

    Vervaco Leaves Latch Hook Kit

    There are lots of places to buy Vervaco latch hook kits, and they come in lots of styles, from traditional to modern, but we think you'll love this trendy monstera leaf rug kit. This premium kit features a hand-painted canvas to work on and includes everything you need.

    Vervaco Leaves Latch Hook Kit, $98, Love Crafts

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    Latch Onto Some Yarn Pastels

    Woollography Latch Hook by Karen Barbe

    Karen Barbé​

    Karen Barbé is most known for her embroidery, but when she dipped her toe into latch hook, the result was as wonderful as her other needlework. This mosaic-like design doesn't include any instructions for latch hook, but by learning the basics from other tutorials in this list, Karen's free pattern will be all you need to jump in.

    Woollography from Karen Barbé

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    Let a Ouija Decide What to Latch Hook

    Maybe So Latch Hook Pattern by Bobcat and Birdie

    Should I start a new latch hook project? Yes? No? Maybe so is the answer to your question and it comes in the form of this fun pattern. You can buy the pattern in digital format, as a physical pattern, or in a BYOY (bring your own yarn) kit. Plus you'll find more non-traditional patterns in this fiber art shop!

    Maybe So Latch Hook PDF Pattern, $5, Bobcat and Birdie

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    Latch Hook a Popsicle

    Latch Hook Bomb Pop by Hands Occupied
    Heidi Gustad

    Latch hook doesn't always have to be a standard shape, as another project from Hands Occupied, shows. And what could be more fun than a giant popsicle made with latch hook? Heidi Gustad walks you through the whole process in this post along with some steps for finishing a shape like this in other posts. The most fun part is a toss-up between the ridges like a real bomb pop and the stick made with a yard stick!

    Bomb Popsicle Latch Hook Pattern from Hands Occupied