Size Matters: Large or Small Cross Stitch to Spruce Up Your Home Decor

One extreme to another...big or small cross stitch to add flavor to your home

Sometimes going to the extreme is needed. You know, "Go big or go home" or "less is more" are two extreme mottos. Some of us like huge cross stitch pieces that are the length of an entire wall, while others like the cute little inchies that are the size of a stamp. Whichever one you prefer, there is a pattern and a tutorial out there for you. Break free of using a one size fits all pattern and try something new. Something bold! Below are a few examples of giant and tiny cross stitches that will put a smile on your face. 

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    Your Very Own Cross Stitch Fat Head

    pegboard pixel people
    Wee Little Stitches

    Have you seen Fat Heads on walls? I'm not talking about real fat heads, that would just be weird. I'm talking about the company Fat Head that makes huge decals for walls. You can get sports stars, super heroes or Disney characters. Wee Little Stitches has their own version of a Fat Head with Giant Peg Board Pixel People. Step by step instructions allow you to create a super hero world for your wall, be stylish while doing it and create a one of a kind art decor. Wouldn't these would look adorable in a little girl or boy's room. Who doesn't want a Wonder Woman over their bed? It would also be fab to have them do a custom pattern for you and your family. You can use the pattern to make life size cross stitch piece. It would be so much better than the normal family portrait.  You can view the tutorial on their website HERE. 

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    Faux Taxidermy

    Did it myself

    Faux taxidermy is huge now. It is humane and can be any color, design or style,from traditional or contemporary. It is fun to see the different styles designers are coming up with. Did It Myself offers up a brief tutorial about cross stitching on large pieces of canvas. This tutorial can be scaled back for smaller versions or get adventurous and cover an entire wall.  Once you have the tutorial down, you can do any animal or scene. Don't stop at just a deer, make an entire wall of forest animals. Her deer's head cross stitch piece is to die for! You can make your own large canvas cross stitch decor HERE

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    Itty Bitty Cross Stitch Committee

    Dragonfly Designs

     Big is good, especially when it comes to ice cream, but what about tiny cross stitch? Little cross stitch pieces are like the toy prize you get in your popcorn. They are cute and seeing the detail of these small pieces will blow your mind. Dragonfly Lotus created this awesome Star Wars Inchie as part of her inchie a day project.  This is a great projecrt for teaching kids and young adults about cross stitch. The pop culture patterns along with the small size are perfect for little hands. You can read more about it HERE and don't forget to check out her awesome online shop. 

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    Ludi via

    Craftster,org is a great place for meeting new people and tutorials. They are the go to site for inspiration, swaps and stitch alongs. They have an inchies and twinchies stitch along that will make you smile every time you go there. Each month there is a hoopla along where you can win prizes and meet new people. You might just meet your best friend.  You will love the diversity and creativity of the pieces and people you see. It doesn't have to be cross stitch either! Get ideas for every aspect of your home, family and style. You can read more about inchies on the thread HERE.  

Size Matters

Whether you want to be large and in charge or small and detailed, it is totally up to you. Why not mix things up. Create a bunch of small pieces to make on giant art display. Whatever your preference is, do it with love and a hint of style!