Large Quilt Block Patterns

Arrow Crown Quilt Block

The Spruce Crafts / Janet Wickell

Large quilt block patterns can be used in many ways. The most obvious use is to sew a big block quilt that (often) goes together more quickly than a quilt made from (lots more) smaller quilt blocks.

Try one or more big quilt blocks to sew throw pillow covers that coordinate with the color scheme for any room in your home. Use an oversized quilt block to create a medallion style quilt--some are perfect for on-point layouts as well as horizontal settings. Very large quilt blocks might be the perfect solution when you sew a wallhanging--all you need is a single block surrounded by borders.

All blocks are listed with their finished sizes.

30" - 35" Quilt Blocks

20" - 25" Quilt Blocks

15" - 19" Quilt Blocks

  • Broken Branch Quilt Block Pattern (15" - not a 'branch,' but a block that seems more floral to me)
  • Broken Dishes Quilt Block Pattern (15" - a traditional quilt block pattern that helps you use your half-square triangle units)
  • Checkerboard Flower Basket Blocks (16" design that's nice either on-point or in a straight setting)
  • Double Hourglass Quilt Blocks (18" - another block that's beginner-friendly)
  • Kentucky Cross Roads (17" - try this to create blocks with a square center and patchwork that points diagonally in four directions)
  • Mother's Fancy Star (15" - excellent for patriotic quilts but can be themed in any way)
  • Oddfellows Chain Blocks (16" blocks that are filled with lots of quick-pieced patchworks)
  • Oddfellows Star Quilt Block Pattern (16" and similar to Oddfellows Chain -- you'll find many ways to vary its appearance)
  • Premium Star Quilt Block Pattern (15" - this design is very similar to Bear's Paw)

14" Quilt Block Patterns

  • Crossed Square Quilt Blocks (14", and a very easy block with lots of design options)
  • Lincoln's Platform Quilt Block Pattern (14", a very easy quilt block that's surrounded by a patchwork frame)
  • Little Chicken with Heart (the actual block finishes at 14" square, but instructions explain how to make a 24" square quilt with one patchwork border an outer solid border)
  • Tea Rose Quilt Block Pattern (14" - not truly a rose, but a gorgeous quilt block that's perfect either themed or scrappy)
  • Tudor Rose (14", a unique design that doesn't really resemble a rose)