Revamp an Old Lamp with These Makeover Ideas

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    How to Transform a Dated Lamp

    lamp makeover
    Lamp Makeover. Home Made Modern

    Lamps are on of the easiest things to transform with a can of spray paint for a couple of different reasons. First, you will get a lot of bang for your buck. Most lamps would take less than one can of paint to cover. In addition, outdated, unattractive lamp bases are easy to find at thrift stores and yard sales, which means you can pick up several for a song. 

    Secondly, lamp bases are typically made of either metal, ceramic or wood--three materials perfect for spray paint because they require little to no sanding and accept paint very well. If you're a newcomer to DIY or upcycling home decor projects, starting with a lamp will result in a project you'll be proud of, giving you confidence to try other things. (Here are some spray painting tips to get you started.)

    And finally, the power of spray paint to transform an object never ceases to amaze, and yet it's practically effortless. By simply changing the color of a lamp base and topping it with a stylish shade to match your style, you can turn a lackluster lamp into something special. 

    But spray paint isn't the only thing you can use to completely change the look of a lamp. These clever bloggers altered lamp bases with other materials such as rope, wrapping paper and even an empty juice bottle!

    Let these ideas light the way to your next great project!

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    Elegant Lamp Makeover

    elegant lamp makeover
    Elegant Lamp Makeover. Making It In the Mountains

    When Kristi inherited a pair of brass and crystal lamps from her grandmother she was thrilled to have them, but felt they needed an update to fit the style of her bedroom.

    The brass sections of the lamp base and their original, tailored shades really dated these hand-me-downs. By spray painting just the brass parts with a glossy white paint and leaving the crystal parts intact, Kristi was able to retain the lamps' original beauty and elegance. The modern silhouette of simple linen drum shades further updated the look of these inherited lamps, allowing a new generation to enjoy them.

    Elegant Crystal Lamps by Making It In the Mountains 

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    Turquoise Table Lamp with Bird Shade

    turquoise table lamp
    Turquoise Table Lamp. Rain on a Tin Roof

    Jenna went all-in with a brass lamp she picked up from a thrift store by painting the base a lively shade of turquoise. The metal lamp base accepted the paint beautifully, resulting in a smooth, professional-looking finish.

    The lamp was missing its shade, but Jenna saw this as the perfect opportunity to add even more personality with this red and yellow bird-patterned lampshade.

    Turquoise Table Lamp with Bird Shade by Rain on a Tin Roof 

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    Gorgeous Gold Goose Neck Lamp

    gold goose neck lamp
    Gold Goose Neck Lamp. Carolyn's Home Work

    Would you believe this gorgeous goose neck lamp was once Kelly green and cost just five bucks? Carolyn found a pair of these desk lamps on clearance and instantly saw their potential to be transformed with metallic spray paint.

    Gold spray paint has an amazing ability to turn ordinary objects into expensive-looking home decor. In this case, a coat of hammered gold gave this desk lamp a much more sophisticated feel, and mimics the look of trendy swing arm lamps for a fraction of the cost. 

    Gold Goose Neck Lamp from Carolyn's Home Work

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    Gold Candlestick Lamp

    gold candlestick lamp
    Gold Candlestick Lamp. Home Made Modern

    Here's another example of how quick and easy it is to give a lamp a lift with gold spray paint. This candlestick lamp was nothing special until it received the Midas touch. Its new look called for a new shade, of course. A rectangular shape keeps the lamp from looking too traditional and the crisp white of the shade makes a statement against a dark wall.

    Gold Candlestick Lamp by Home Made Modern

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    Colorful Floor Lamp

    playful floor lamp
    Playful Floor Lamp. Pillar Box Blue

    You can also spray paint lamp shades!

    This floor lamp originally had a fussy, Victorian-vibe with a dark iron base and a rose-colored tapered shade with fringe. After this clever blogger revamped the lamp's base with spray paint, she turned her attention to the shade.

    First, she sprayed the inside of the shade copper, which would certainly look gorgeous when lit. Then, she painted the outside of the shade with a riotous color combination. Finally, she unified the project by mirroring the colors of the shade in some hand-painted stripes on the lamp base as well as pom-pom fringe.

    Colorful Floor Lamp by Pillar Box Blue

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    Industrial Lamp with Rope Base

    industrial lamp makeover
    Industrial Lamp Makeover. The Navage Patch

    Handan's first instinct when regarding an old lamp living in her basement was to spray paint its base; however, she would still have to search for a shade to replace the outdated, ripped one. So instead of spray painting the base, she wrapped it with rope.

    But spray paint still had a part to play! Handan ripped the fabric off the lamp shade and spray painted its frame black--along with the rest of the lamp's metal parts--which gave the lamp the industrial feel she was going for.

    Industrial Lamp with Rope Base from The Navage Patch 

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    Preppy Striped Table Lamp

    preppy striped lamp
    Preppy Striped Lamp. At Home With the Barkers

    Sonya knows that lamps can get pretty pricey, so she opted to make over a five-dollar find instead. Again, gold spray paint got this lamp ready to shine again; but, some preppy black-and-white wrapping paper sporting cabana stripes really brought the lamp to another level. A classy black shade ties the project together.

    Preppy Striped Table Lamp from At Home with the Barkers

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    DIY Gourd Lamp

    diy gourd lamp
    DIY Gourd Lamp. Home Made Modern

    By now you know what an effect a can of spray paint can have on a lamp, but what about a bottle of juice? It's possible to change the very shape of a lamp base by using empty bottles that have been disguised with spray paint. To complete the fake-out, the finial and a washer from the hardware store were painted gold for a glamorous touch. Here are the step-by-step instructions for making a trendy gourd lamp.