Ladder Stitch Bracelet Perfect for Layering

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    Ladder Stitch Bracelet

    Ladder Bracelet with Charm
    Lisa Yang

    I have to admit that I never gave ladder stitch much of a second thought. It's usually a stitch that I use when I want to start flat brick stitch. It forms a nice tight row that has thread bridges that you can use to add a brick stitch to either side like this brick stitch bracelet project or contemporary brick stitch earrings.

    I stumbled on the idea of making a ladder stitch bracelet when I was making some beaded bracelet links.  What a pleasant surprise!!

    The ladder stitch bracelet has a look that is similar to loom work, it is flexible but strong and best of all - stitches up quickly and easily.  And as a bonus, the beaded circle charm dangle is also easy to stitch up and looks great as a bracelet accent, in earrings or as a pendant.

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    Ladder Stitch Bracelet Materials

    Ladder stitch 1
    Lisa Yang

    For my bracelet band, I used 11/0 Miyuki Delica beads in silver-lined dark gray (gray) and opaque rainbow mocha (pink) and 6 lb FireLine in smoke color. In order to have the even, loomed appearance you will need to use a cylinder shaped bead like Delicas. Round beads will not sit together as nicely.

    Since I wasn't sure how much thread I would need, I started with a piece about 5 feet long.  I know that I almost ran out making a strip less than 7 inches long - so you might want to start with 6 feet of thread.

    Pick up 5 seed beads in the pattern you like.  To emulate my pattern, pick up 2 gray beads for the first row and 1 gray, 1 pink and 1 gray for the second row. Leave at least a 7-inch thread tail to attach a jump ring and weave in the thread - longer if you prefer some other type of clasp.

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    Starting the Ladder Stitch

    Ladder stitch 2
    Lisa Yang

    Make the first half of a ladder stitch by bringing your needle through the two gray beads that will form the first row.

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    Pull the Thread Tight to Form a Bead Circle

    Ladder stitch 3
    Lisa Yang

    Pull the thread tight so your beads form a circle.  You are going to flatten this out to form 2 rows of beading - one with 2 beads and one with 3 beads -- in the next step.  The 2-bead row is used to form a transition to add a jump ring for a clasp.

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    Complete the Ladder Stitch

    Ladder stitch 4
    Lisa Yang

    Bring your needle up through the row of three beads to complete the ladder stitch.  Your thread has basically made a circle and a half through the beads.  

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    Pull the Thread Tight to Secure the Stitch

    Ladder stitch 5
    Lisa Yang

     Pull the thread tight and press the beads into place so they form two rows rather than a circle.

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    Pick Up Beads for the Next Row of Ladder Stitch

    Ladder stitch 6
    Lisa Yang

    Pick up three more beads for the next row of ladder stitch.  Insert your needle in the top of the three beads from the previous row, again making a circle through the beads with your thread. Pull thread tight.  At this point, the new row you added will always be somewhat curved and loose.  Do your best to pull the thread tight and flatten the beads into a stack.  They will straighten up when you make the next stitch through them.

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    Stitch through the Row to Complete the Ladder Stitch

    Ladder stitch 7
    Lisa Yang

    Stitch back through all three beads on the row you just added to secure and straighten the beads. Continue to add new beads until the band is the appropriate length for a bracelet - leaving room for the clasp which can add up to 1 inch to the length.

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    Finishing the Ladder Stitch Chain

    Ladder Stitch Chain
    Lisa Yang

    When your ladder stitched bead chain is long enough, add two gray beads to make the last row. Then add a jump ring and stitch around several times to secure it. Weave in the thread tail, tie off the thread and snip close to the beads. I add a drop of super glue to keep it in place.

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    Adding a Clasp to the Ladder Stitch Bracelet

    Ladder stitch bracelet center charm
    Lisa Yang

    I used a basic type of jewelry clasp called a spring ring on my ladder stitch bracelet - and also made a beaded charm in the same colors. You could also use a sliding knot as a closure.

    The charm is circular brick stitch around a spacer style bead. As a final step, I added a chaton crystal to the center of the charm to hide the hole and some of the threadwork.

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    Other Ladder Stitch Bracelet Projects

    Ladder Stitch Projects
    Lisa Yang

     In addition to making a ladder stitch chain, you can also make chain links using ladder stitch. The chain links stitch up very quickly and can be connected and used in a variety of ways.