8 Summer DIY's Your Kids Will Love

child with a flower wreath on her head
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When summer vacation arrives and the kids are off from school, it can be challenging to come up with fun and affordable activities to keep them entertained. These DIY toys and games are fun ways to help create a fun and memorable summer for your child! Some of these you can make for your kids and others your kids can make themselves.

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    DIY Fold-Up Tent

    DIY fold-up tent

    Farm Fresh Therapy

    Give your young children a place to play outside and out of the direct sun with this DIY tent. What's really great about this tent is that you can fold it up and store it easily when it's not in use! Tents are perfect hideaways for children to let their imaginations run wild by pretending it's a castle or a fort.

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    DIY Tree Swing

    tree swing

    A Beautiful Mess

    Build your child a classic tree swing this summer, which they'll use for years to come. This charming DIY tree swing is easy to build and the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

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    DIY Bean Bag Toss Game

    DIY bean bag toss game

    Lovely Indeed

    Build your own bean bag toss (or cornhole) game for a fun backyard activity on a nice day. Challenge everyone to toss a bean bag through the hole on the board. You can make your own version of the game in an afternoon with plywood, hinges, and paint.

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    DIY Sidewalk Chalk

    DIY sidewalk chalk
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    Are your kids artistic? Let them create their own masterpieces on the sidewalk or in your driveway using DIY chalk.

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    DIY Backgammon Game

    DIY backgammon game

    Lovely Indeed

    Use a small white canvas to create your own colorful backgammon set. Not only can your family spend endless hours playing the fun game, but the process of making the game itself can become a creative afternoon activity too!

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    DIY Guess Who

    DIY Guess Who

    Almost Makes Perfect

    Guess who is a great activity for long car rides with the kids. Two players each take mismatched boards and try to guess who the other player has selected by asking questions such as, "Do they have brown hair?" Making your own version of the game is rather simple to do, and kids will love playing the game with photos of people that they know.

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    DIY Ombre Jenga

    multi-colored Jenga

    Lovely Indeed

    Pulling the right piece from the bottom of a Jenga tower–without knocking it down–requires a steady hand and some strategy, and it makes for a fun way to spend the evening! Add a little color and fun to your old Jenga set with this ombre design.

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    DIY Gold Leaf Checkerboard

    DIY gold leaf checkerboard

    A Beautiful Mess

    Skip the traditional red and black squares, and make your own glam gold leaf checkerboard set for your children to play with all summer long.