5 Step Magic Potion Craft for Kids

Magic Potion Bottles with cloud rising out.
FlamingPumpkin / Getty Images

Magic potion is a fun party craft for an enchanted forest or fairy party, a Harry Potter party, or just about any celebration with a magical theme. In addition to being an activity young fairies and wizards will love, the resulting bottle of magic potion can also serve as a party favor.

Set up everything the kids need to make their bottle of magic potion and then have them gather around and mix up their batches as a party craft. Another idea is to turn the magic potion into an enchanted adventure by sending them out into the woods, yard, or garden to collect their own magic potion ingredients, such as twigs, berries, leaves, and flowers.


  • Purchase potion-style bottles in a craft store, or remove the labels from and clean out items such as jam jars or plastic water bottles.
  • You can stick to only one potion to keep things simple or let party guests select from a variety of ingredients to create and name their own magic potions.

What You'll Need


  • Potion bottles (one per guest)
  • Food coloring
  • Distilled water
  • Colored glitter
  • Floral ingredients, such as flower petals, berries, and leaves
  • Glue
  • Adhesive labels (optional)
  • Paper (optional)


  1. Fill the Bottle

    Fill the magic potion bottle about halfway with distilled water. You may also use craft water, which is available at craft supply stores; however, some of them need preparation work, so read the instructions before purchasing.

  2. Add Food Coloring

    Add a few drops of food coloring to turn the water into a colorful potion. Place the cap on the bottle and swirl it around to mix thoroughly.

  3. Add Glitter

    Pour, spoon, or shake some glitter into the bottle (you may need a funnel to do this). To emphasize the sense of something magical happening, wait a few moments for the glitter to settle. It will float and form mystical patterns to the delight of your young potion makers. After a few moments, replace the caps and shake the bottles so the glitter will dissipate and swirl around in the potion.

  4. Incorporate Floral Elements

    Drop in floral elements such as flower petals, leaves, acorns, or berries. You can use artificial items found in a craft store, such as silk flower petals and potpourri, or collect the items from around your yard or garden. Swirl it around again to let the nature elements settle.

  5. Seal the Bottle

    Glue the cap closed to seal the potion bottle.

  6. Add a Label

    Add labels and let them make up names for their potions or write down what kind of magical powers the potion contains (the magic of love or friendship, for instance).


    Make sure the glue is dry and the bottles are firmly sealed before sending the potions home with guests.