25 Spooktacular Halloween Crafts for Kids

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    Boo-tiful Crafts

    Halloween is the perfect holiday to do-it-yourself: carving jack-o-lanterns, sewing homemade costumes, and baking sweet treats are absolutely on theme, but are not always kid-friendly. Cue the construction paper and pipe cleaners! Kids can definitely join in on the fun of Halloween crafts with safe supplies and straightforward instructions, and the following ideas can get your family started. Encourage your little ones to participate in the celebration preparation this year with these 25 accessible, simple Halloween crafts and projects.

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    Pine Cone Spider

    Take little ones for a field trip into the yard to scavenge for “spider bodies” this autumn. Pine cones make the perfect bumpy base for a DIY tarantula, and brown pipe cleaners are delightful as eight spindly legs. Create a few for a fun, pliable kids’ table centerpiece.

    Pine Cone Spiders from Fireflies and Mud Pies 

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    Masking Tape Mummies

    While there are limitless options when it comes to construction paper for kids’ crafts, this simple go-to project adds the texture of masking tape and googly eyes to up the interest. Pop your mummy onto a craft stick or bamboo rod for a quick puppet, or just hang a group of them around the house as decoration.

    Masking Tape Mummies from Somewhat Simple


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    Craft Stick Spiderwebs

    For the slightly more advanced kid crafter, wrap lengths of yarn around craft sticks to create dangling spider webs. Hit your DIYed web with a spray of adhesive and a dash of glitter, or a plastic arachnid, to up the ante a bit. These add to any Halloween atmosphere when hung from your sturdiest houseplant or light fixture.  

    Craft Stick Spiderwebs from Crafts Unleashed

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    Paper Plate Skeleton

    A few white paper plates act as a base for a spooky, gangly skeleton. Trace and cut bony body parts (or freehand some shapes), then knot together with loops of rough jute. For a more colorful option, encourage crafters to recreate a sugar skull using washable paint or multi-hued tissue paper.

    Paper Plate Skeleton from The 36th Avenue


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    Paper Pumpkins

    Carving jack-o-lanterns is a Halloween tradition, but can be a tricky task for small hands. Instead, have kids snip colored cardstock into strips, then string them onto a pipe cleaner. Fan the strips out for cute paper gourds—no carving with sharp knives required.

    Paper Pumpkins from Scottsdale Moms Blog

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    Egg Carton Monsters

    Turn your recyclables into craft supplies with this project—use empty egg cartons to make-your-own monster! Paint the carton in bold colors, then decorate to bring your monsters to life. These make perfect little decorations, or can act as treat holders for a Halloween-themed “Easter” egg hunt.

    Egg Carton Monsters from The Craft Train

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    Bouncy Halloween Headbands

    Looking for a last minute, school-friendly, Halloween outfit? Have kids illustrate a few fun characters, then glue onto wire springs attached to a store bought headband. Finish the outfit with striped tights or a cool cape.

    Bouncy Halloween Headbands from Your DIY Family

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    Witch's Brew Fluffy Slime

    Mix up a big batch of purple fluffy slime, then pop it into a plastic cauldron for a tactile kids’ party activity. Throw in some eye of newt (googly eyes), a few rat’s tails (gummy worms), and a dash of wizard dust (glitter) to complete the allusion.

    Witch’s Brew Fluffy Slime from Little Bins for Little Hands

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    Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

    A floof of tissue paper adds a ton of personality to these adorable mini monsters. Paint empty toilet paper rolls (or wrap with patterned paper), then add toothy grins and mismatched eyes with marker. Fill with fun treats for an easy and budget-friendly party favor.

    Toilet Paper Roll Monsters from Crafting a Green World

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    Flying Bat Wall

    Spend an afternoon tracing and cutting construction paper bats, then tape them to a wall in a dynamic flight formation. This project can totally transform a room (quite inexpensively), so settle in with the kids for a few hours of crafting in preparation for the holiday.

    Flying Bat Wall from Two Kids Cooking

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    Soda Bottle Jack-o-Lanterns

    Looking for a truly mess-free way to paint with little ones? Secure a couple of squirts of tempera in a tightly capped 2-liter bottle, then kids can shake to mix the colors and coat the interior. This is an great, active project that works for toddlers and up! Use orange and yellow for pumpkins, or try green Frankensteins and black witches too.

    Soda Bottle Jack-o-Lanterns from Mess for Less

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    Cotton Ball Ghost

    Dip into the toiletries for this craft—cotton balls add the perfect color and texture to a friendly little ghost cutout.

    Pro tip: pour a shallow bowl of school glue for little ones to dip each cotton ball into instead of passing over the entire bottle. Don’t forget to complete with a construction paper face.

    Cotton Ball Ghost from 366 Days of Pinterest

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    Spider Hand Print Painting

    Not only does this painting end up looking quite professional, it’ll also act as a personalized memento—commemorating your kid’s hand prints on canvas. A couple of prints can look like a crawling spider, and finishing touches like a pair (or a few pair) of eyes and festive trim take this one up to the next level. Great for a personal, seasonal gift for the grandparents!

    Spider Hand Print Painting from The Nerd’s Wife 

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    Apple Stamp Pumpkins

    Organic stamps are perfect for kid crafters; there’s no wrong way to use them, and adults don’t have to worry about permanent ink or maintaining pricey rubber stamps. Slice an apple in half, then dip into orange paint and stamp an entire pumpkin patch.

    Apple Stamp Pumpkins from Frugal Mom Eh


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    Tissue Paper Candy Corn

    Instead of passing out sugary candy during a kids’ party, instruct guests to craft a sweet treat. All you need is construction paper, white glue, and tissue paper for this project, so it makes a great project for a large party.

    Tissue Paper Candy Corn from Typically Simple

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    Painted Monster Rocks

    Bright, bold colors work well for these little monsters. Paint smooth rocks to cover completely, then challenge children to individualize their creatures with fangs, zigzags, or spots. These look extra adorable clustered together in a planter, or welcoming trick-or-treaters up your walkway.

    Painted Monster Rocks from Easy Peasy and Fun


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    Clementine Pumpkins

    Another way to channel the charm of a jack-o-lantern while avoiding sharp cutlery is replacing a full-sized pumpkin with a teeny clementine. Grab a marker to draw on a face or holiday message, then pop them all into a bowl for a happy, edible, centerpiece.

    Clementine Pumpkins ​from Emily Roach Wellness

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    Balloon Ghosts

    Create a chandelier of floating ghosts out of inflated balloons and scrim fabric. An adult may have to help tie fishing line to each ghost, but otherwise this craft is great for children. Challenge kids to vary the ghost faces: spooky, friendly, and fierce are all welcome.

    Balloon Ghosts from Oh Happy Day

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    Marshmallow Monsters

    Head into the kitchen to whip up these tasty critters. Add frosting, chocolate candies, and sprinkles to make zombies, witches, and Frankensteins. Edible glitter can take these delectable treats up a notch.

    Marshmallow Monsters from Spark & Chemistry

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    Cotton Bud Skeleton

    Stick a few cotton buds to blank card stock, and arrange them into a jaunty skeleton. Add a construction paper skull and hang your fresh artwork on the fridge. Bonus points if you add a top hat and cane!

    Cotton Bud Skeleton from Our Little House in the Country

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    Frankenstein Sun Catcher

    Contact paper can come in handy for lots of around-the-house DIYs, but it’s also a great crafting medium. Grab a roll of clear and colorless to use for festive seasonal sun catchers like this Frankenstein one. This tutorial includes a handy printable template, so there’s little guesswork here.

    Frankenstein Sun Catcher from From ABCs to ACTs

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    Halloween Paper Lanterns

    Staple construction paper tubes together, then cut a few slits to mimic old-timey lanterns. These are a great throw-back decorations for a vintage vibe party.

    Halloween Paper Lanterns from Crafting Chicks

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    Paper Plate Black Cat

    Scoop out a portion of a paper plate to mimic a cat’s pounce, then add a circular head, pair of ears, and a set of cute whiskers. These black cats are so adorable, they’ll only bring good luck this Halloween.

    Paper Plate Black Cat from Goody Foodies

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    Trash Bag Spiderwebs

    Put a black trash bag to new use with this craft. Snip a folded and trimmed plastic bag into webby shapes, then hang across the yard (or living room) with fishing line. Because they’re made with black plastic, these should hold up in the drizzly autumn weather outdoors.

    Trash Bag Spiderwebs from How About Orange

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    Mod Podge Glass Lanterns

    Clean and peel the label from an empty pickle or marinara sauce jar to bring the expenses down to almost nothing for this pretty craft. Glue on a few layers of tissue paper to add texture and color, then add a construction paper face. To make these totally kid friendly, illuminate with a battery operated tea light.

    Mod Podge Glass Lanterns from Erin Spain