8 Kids Crafts to Celebrate Hanukkah

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    Hanukkah Craft Ideas for Kids

    kid menorah for hanukkah
    Cherish Bryck / Stocksy United

    Hanukkah is coming in just a few short weeks! Gather your kids, pick one of these 8 crafts to celebrate Hanukkah, and have lots of fun as a family. You can do these crafts even if you don't celebrate Hanukkah. It's a great way to learn about another holiday that is celebrated during this time of year. 

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    Paper Plate Star of David

    H is for Hanukkah
    Make and Takes

    Paper Plate Star of David: Using a paper plate and gold yarn or ribbon, you can make a simple Star of David for Hanukkah. This craft is inexpensive and easy for little hands to create. Get the tutorial from Make and Takes

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    Watercolor Dreidel Craft

    Watercolor Dreidel Craft
    Creative Jewish Mom

    Watercolor Dreidel Craft: These watercolor dreidels make the perfect Hanukkah art project for your little ones. Use them to make a garland or hang on your fridge for decorations. Find out more from Creative Jewish Mom

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    DIY Marshmallow Dreidels

    DIY Marshmallow Dreidels
    Hostess with the Mostess

    DIY Marshmallow Dreidels: The cutest and yummiest Hanukkah DIY I've ever seen! I don't know a kid that wouldn't like making these marshmallow dreidels. Bring them to a Hanukkah party to wow guests. Make sure to visit Hostess with the Mostess for the tutorial. 

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    Hanukkah Luminaries

    Hanukkah Luminaries
    Make and Takes

    Hanukkah Luminaries: Light up the night with these Hanukkah luminaries. Line your front porch or driveway with these DIY luminaries for all to see. Head over to Make and Takes for the instructions. 

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    Star of David Pockets

    Star of David Pockets

    Star of David Pockets: These pocket decorations are beautiful in their simplicity. They are also easy to craft for your kids. Hang the stars on doors in your home and put little treats or toys in them. Centophobe has the full tutorial. 

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    LEGO Menorah

    LEGO Menorah
    What Do We Do All Day

    LEGO Menorah: This LEGO menorah is flameless, creative, and entirely made of your child's LEGOs! What more could you want in a Hanukkah craft? Let your kids come up with their own festive designs for this one. For inspiration head over to What Do We Do All Day

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    Laced Hanukkah Craft

    Laced Hanukkah Craft
    Better Homes and Gardens

    Laced Hanukkah Craft: Handmade cards to give to loved ones for Hanukkah are a great craft to try with your little ones. They can help with the glueing, cutting, and writing. Better Homes and Gardens has everything you need to make these cute cards. 

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    Make Your Own Hanukkah Bath

    Make Your Own Hanukkah Bath
    Simple Play Ideas

    Make Your Own Hanukkah Bath: Pick up a pack of different colored foam sheets and your halfway there for this craft from Simple Play Ideas. Your kids will love cutting out the shapes of the menorah and sticking them on the wall during bath time.