Judith Habert

Judith A. Habert is currently the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of San Diego Woman Magazine. Judith is a professional photographer who has been published internationally.


Among her many jobs in the area of photography, Judith has worked as a promotional photographer for New York Newsday,and as a studio photographer for Doubleday Publishing Company. She has also served as a technical representative with Canon USA and Nikon, and as a freelance photographer for major companies including The History Channel,the Girl Scouts International and the State of New York. She is a published writer, with several hundred articles published, and has authored three books under her own name and several others as a ghostwriter. Judith also teaches both writing and photography courses on the high school, adult school and college level. She is a professional speaker and has spoken across the country following the publication of her latest book "Hey, I'm Italian," which chronicles growing up Italian in New York and is full of facts about the Italian Culture. Her book includes her own photographic images.

Judith Habert

I have been in love with Photography since I was a child, and I am always amazed at the wonderful images that can be captured through the lens of a camera. Starting years ago with mechanical cameras and learning the art of darkroom manipulation as a student at Germain School of Photography in New York, I learned that if you can envision it, you can create it. Photography allows you to bring your own vision to reality. It is more than an art form it is a way in which to share your view of life.

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