Join With a Slip Stitch to Form a Ring in Crochet

Join With a Slip Stitch to Form a Ring
Join With a Slip Stitch to Form a Ring Photos © Michael Solovay

When you are going to crochet a circle, granny square, hexagonal shape, or another similar type of pattern, your instructions may contain the directive to "join with a slip stitch to form a ring." Another variation would be the abbreviated form, which is "join w/ sl st to form ring."

Often, these instructions will be preceded by directions to work a specified number of chain stitches. For example, your pattern might read, "Ch 5, join with sl st to form ring ."


The pictures show what you would do if you encounter the instructions given in the example, "Ch 5, join with sl st to form ring."

  • The top left image shows the chain stitches in progress; the top right shows 5 chain stitches completed. Then you would take the chain stitches and gently form them into a ring; to close the ring, you would crochet your slip stitch into the very first chain stitch you worked in the beginning.
  • The middle left image shows the crochet hook pointing to the spot you would insert your hook to work the slip stitch.
  • The middle right shows the crochet hook inserted into the first chain stitch; the model is getting ready to grab the yarn and pull the loop through both the first chain stitch and the active loop on the hook. This will all be done in one step, although it is shown broken down into two different pictures (the lower two photos)
  • The large image at the bottom is a zoomed-in enlargement of the bottom right image. Both of these pictures show how the ring looks at this point.

From there, you would continue to follow the instructions given in your pattern.

Slip Stitch Uses

This tutorial illustrates one possible use for slip stitches. There are many other possible ways to use slip stitches, including when working designs on the surface of your crochet item or to create a fabric using Bosnian crochet techniques.


Joins in crochet are not limited to slip stitches. As you learn about different crochet techniques, be sure to check out the instructions for join including the whip stitch, methods for joining crocheted squares, and the crocheting of seams.

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