The Different Types of Jewelry Findings


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Findings are the name for a large classification of supplies that are used to connect or complete a piece of jewelry. This is a partial list of the various types of findings used in beaded jewelry making, with links to articles with more information and details.

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    Bead Caps

    bead caps

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    Bead caps are a decorative metal finding that is typically placed on the end of beads. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and metals. Bead caps may be used to surround both sides of a bead or to cap one end as in an earring dangle.

    The look of a bead cap will vary considerably depending on the size and shape bead it is paired with. Bead caps may also be used with beaded ropes or beaded tassels at the connection to a clasp or earring finding to help hide knots or thread.

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    Crimp Beads and Bead Covers

    Crimp Beads and Crimp Covers

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     Crimp beads are used to secure the ends of beading wire to other findings such as a jump ring, clasp or earring wire. They come in two distinct shapes — crimp beads which are rounded and crimp tubes which are more cylindrical. They are closed using a special crimping tool or by flattening the crimp with pliers.

    For a crimp to hold securely, it is important to know which size crimp to use for which size wire.

    A crimp cover is a hollow decorative metal finding shaped like a C that can be closed around the crimp to make it look like a bead. They come in a variety of sizes and metals. They are fastened using chain nose pliers.

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    Toggle Clasps

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    Clasps join the two sides of your necklace or bracelets. There is a huge variety of clasps available — from basics clasps like spring rings to more unusual clasps like tube and box clasps. The most important aspect of choosing a clasp is making sure it is suitable for the weight and type of jewelry it is securing.

    Custom handmade wire wrapped clasps or beaded toggle clasps are a great way to differentiate your handmade jewelry from mass-produced jewelry.

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    Headpins and Eyepins


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    Headpins and eyepins are made of wire and used to connect components or dangle beads in a variety of handmade jewelry.

    Headpins have a flattened circle on the end. A variety called a ball headpin has a round ball on the end. Eyepins have a round loop that can be used to add dangles or connect to other beaded components or findings. Another variety is called a paddle headpin and it has a flattened paddle on the end. There are also headpins with more decorative embellishments on the end, like these spiral headpins.

    You can make ball headpins using copper, sterling silver or fine silver wire with a creme brulee torch. Making eyepins is even easier — all you need is wire and round nose pliers. You can make paddle headpins by flattening the end of the wire using a hammer or tool. 

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    Jump Rings

    Jump Rings

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    Jump rings are metal loops with a cut area that are used to join jewelry components such as joining a chain to a clasp, ear wires to a beaded component or even to make jewelry components such as chain maille.

    Choosing the right jump ring for your jewelry project is important to ensure quality and longevity.