Janome Xpression Needle Felting Machine.

Janome Xpression Needle Felting Machine with extension table and tools that come with the machine.
Janome Xpression Needle Felting Machine with extension table. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

The Bottom Line

If you enjoy embellishing and creative outlets, this machine is well worth your investigating. Needle felting is a fun way to add a different texture and appearance to fabric or with the addition of fibers. Rather than hand work to created needle felting this machine does the work. Just as a sewing machine is faster than hand sewing this needle felting machine is faster than hand needle felting.

How much you would use the machine should be your decision.

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  • A light weight simple to operate machine.
  • Many barriers to protect fingers during operation
  • Self-contained for felting so lint is not damaging a sewing machine.
  • An option of using one or five needles at a time.


  • Would like to see a 2 or 3 needle option but this can be achieved once you break a few on a multi-needle.


  • The finger guards protect fingers from being injured even if you are absorbed in the creative process.
  • Being a self-contained needle felting machine, it keeps lint from being lost into a sewing machine bobbin area.
  • This machine allows you to incorporate the beautiful yarns that are available into your sewing.
  • The optional extension table allows you to work with a large area and keep the fabric flat at the same time.
  • The possibilities by being able to blend colors and fibers, as well as add texture through the felting operating, are endless.
  • Compared to embroidery machines, this is a very affordable option to create your own embellishment on fabric.
  • The machine easily converts to a free arm for needle felting tight areas.
  • The tools for the machine easily fit inside the removable part of the machine bed allowing it to be self-containing for all of the felting equipment.
  • The strength and speed of the machine allow felting of almost any fabric. The strength of the needles is where there are limitations. Since I do not live near the dealer, I protect my needles and do not want to break them pushing the limits.

    Guide Review - Janome Xpression Needle Felting Machine

    Visit a Janome sewing machine dealer. You may never have seen needle felting done with hand tools or a machine.

    This machine does not use tread or a bobbin. It does not use regular sewing machine needles. It is a sewing machine that does not sew in the traditional sense at all.

    Needle felting is done with needles that have barbs in the sides of the needle. These barbs pull the fibers through the fabric and meld the fibers.

    The DVDs that came with the machine provide inspiration and explain the basic process.

    The creative outlet of this machine allows you to choose the effect you want to create. There is no right side or wrong side.

    The fabric and fiber choices for felting are endless. Wool is the traditional fabric for needle felting and lends itself to many possibilities. Moda wool is available in many colors. Discover and experiment with felting denim fabric for some very interesting effects. A favorite isĀ felted denim around machine embroidery.