Jane Kim

Jane Kim

Jane Kim is an Associate Editor at The Spruce Crafts with over 5 years experience covering lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and travel. In her role at The Spruce Crafts, Jane edits and publishes content and assists on special editorial projects.


  • Jane is an Associate Editor for The Spruce, Spruce Pets, Spruce Crafts, and MyDomaine
  • She has 5 years of writing, editing, and content creation experience
  • She studied English and International Studies at Stony Brook University


Before joining The Spruce Crafts, Jane was an avid writer and editor for digital publications like The Odyssey Online and Trill! Magazine. She has covered an array of topics in beauty, fashion, politics, lifestyle, and continues to create content that thoughtfully resonates with readers. 

She has loved crafts from a very young age, which prompted her to visit Michael’s weekly, so she could pick up new projects in her free time. Even today, she enjoys embroidering tote bags and experimenting with different kinds of paints. 

As an associate editor, Jane edits and curates home and lifestyle content throughout The Spruce sites like The Spruce, Spruce Pets, and Spruce Crafts. She also assists on special editorial projects.

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Jane graduated magna cum laude from Stony Brook University with a bachelor of arts in English in spring 2021.

Expertise: Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion
Education: Stony Brook University
Location: New York, NY
Title: Associate Editor

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