Is Wildfire a Good Beading Thread?

When to Use Wildfire Thread for Your Beadwork

Wildfire Beading Thread
Wildfire beading thread is a great all purpose bead weaving thread. Lisa Yang

About Wildfire Beading Thread

Wildfire is a strong, stretch resistant, waterproof beading thread suitable for a variety of beadwork uses. It has a thermally bonded coating which provides a smooth thread and helps keep the cut ends from fraying, making it easy to thread on a needle. Wildfire is made by Beadalon.

Wildfire is a good beading thread for beginners. Unlike other types of beading thread like Nymo, Wildfire does not need wax or thread conditioner to make it less likely to tangle or easier to stitch with. If it does tangle, the knots are easy to remove. Also, since Wildfire is stretch resistant, it does not require pre-stretching. 

Wildfire thread is difficult (but not impossible) to split it with a needle while stitching. It is suitable for off loom beadweaving as well as stringing lightweight and tiny gemstones and freshwater pearls.

Overall, Wildfire is a great thread for beaders who love the durability of Fireline but want a softer feel to their bonded beading threads.  Wildfire works for a variety of beadwork including loom beading, off-loom beadweaving, bead embroidery and stringing light beads and crystals. 

Buying Wildfire Beading Thread

Wildfire is widely available in retail craft stores, speciality bead stores and online. Wildfire is sold in spools containing 20 yards, 50 yards  or 125 yards and is available in 3 colors: Black, Frost (White) and Green.  I find the Green color of Wildire to a great neutral color that blends with both light and dark colored beads.

Wildfire is available in two sizes or gauges: .006 in (.15 mm - 6 lb test strength) or .008 (.20 mm - 8 lb test strength). The size you choose will depend on the type of beads you are using, the size of the needle and the number of passes you need to make through the bead. It is slightly more expensive than other types of beading thread.

Tips for Using Wildfire

Wildfire is a strong thread and can be difficult to cut with embroidery scissors. Craft scissors generally work better. It gives a clean cut without stray strands which means it is easier to thread than twisted threads. 

Wildfire has a round profile that is easier to thread if you flatten the end by drawing it through chain nose pliers or dragging the end between your teeth. Wildfire is similar in consistency and strength to fishing line like Fireline that have been adapted to beadwork use, however it is slightly softer and more threadlike.

The thermally bonded coating on Wildfire thread does not come off while you are using it like some other threads.

The black and frost colored Wildfire are both very saturated opaque colors and make the thread standout against colored beading. The green is the most neutral color of Wildfire and will blend with many more bead colors than either the black or frost colors. Unfortunately, the green Wildfire is not usually stocked in retail craft stores and may need to be purchased online or at a local bead store.

Overall, Wildfire is an excellent beading thread. It holds knots very well, keeps consistent tension in beading and is strong and stretch resistant. This makes Wildfire a perfect thread for beading stitches such as brick stitch, peyote stitch, right angle weave, herringbone stitch and beaded chains. It is not flexible enough to work well for beaded fringe.

Edited by Lisa Yang