Interesting Facts About Origami

Origami Tulips
Origami tulips by Sheila Deuell Hill.

Most fans of the art of origami are familiar with basic origami history. They know that origami is widely practiced in Japan and that Akira Yoshisawa is often known as the father of origami. They are often unfamiliar, however, with some of the more unusual places origami has appeared.

The following quiz will test your knowledge of some of the most interesting facts about origami.

Trivia Questions

1. Which McDonald's sandwich once featured a wrapper with an origami illustration?

  • A. An origami paper doll on a Big Mac
  • B. An origami smiley face on the McDouble
  • C. An origami chicken on the McChicken
  • D. An origami fish on the Filet-o-Fish

2. True or False: The name of the winner of the 2008 Melbourne's Cup Day at Flemington was a mare named Origami Miss.

3. In The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger, what is the name of the boy who brings the origami Yoda finger puppet to school?

  • A. Dwight
  • B. Dan
  • C. Darren
  • D. Darwin

4. What country used origami as a way to draw attention to its census?

  • A. United States
  • B. Canada
  • C. Japan
  • D. Britain

5. What reality show featured origami as a part of one participant challenge?

  • A. Project Runway
  • B. Fear Factor
  • C. The Biggest Loser
  • D. None of the above

6. True or False: The Bronx subway station off the No. 1 train at 231st Street has a panel with an illustration of a boy holding up two flapping birds to an origami crane.

7. What is the name of the PlayStation 3 video game that features a serial killer who lives behind an origami model and an orchid?

  • A. God of War
  • B. Call of Duty
  • C. Heavy Rain
  • D. Resident Evil

8. True or False: Coleman makes a line of paper origami dishes that you can fold when you are going camping.

Answer Key

1. C. In 2009, the McChicken featured an illustration of an origami chicken.

2. True. Origami Miss was ridden by James Winks. She beat Hidden Wonder and the third-placed Rendzina.

3. A. The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger features the adventures of a geeky boy named Dwight Tharp. Dwight has left McQuarrie to go to school at Tippett Academy. According to Angleberger, the inspiration for the book came from Origami artist Fumiaki Kawahata's origami Yoda seen widely around the web.

4. D. Posters for the 2011 British Census included various origami models encouraging people to help the country's spending priorities take shape.

5. A. In 2009, Project Runway featured a challenge where the participant had to make an outfit using pages from the Los Angeles Times as their fabric. They could cut, crumple, snip, or use origami folds to make their designs.

6. True. It is part of a work called "Spring" created by Felipe Galindo.

7. C. The purpose of Heavy Rain is to stop the killer before he or she strikes again.

8. False. Coleman does make an origami dish, but it's a sheet of folded plastic that snaps together as needed.