Instructions and Tips to Sew an Invisible Zipper

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    Sewing in an Invisible Zipper

    Photo of a sewn in invisible zipper
    A Sewn in Invisible Zipper. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed

    An invisible zipper is the perfect way to keep the seam lines of an item, be it a garment or something like a pillow, without disrupting the line with a zipper but still maintaining a way to open and close the item. When an invisible zipper is properly installed, the only thing that will be visible is the sleek zipper pull. Because an invisible zipper is not visible, matching the color to your fabric is not as critical as a regular zipper. If you are unable to perfectly match the invisible zipper, use paint, marker or nail polish to "color-match" the zipper pull to the fabric.

    The important points to remember when sewing an invisible zipper;

    • The seam is NOT sewn until AFTER the invisible zipper is sewn in.
    • Read through the accompanying instructions and then follow the instructions, one step at a time.
    • Pressing can not be over done. Take your time to thoroughly press the open zipper before you start installing the zipper. Pressing the zipper tape completely flat will help insure a totally invisible zipper.
    • Use a invisible zipper foot. Learn about invisible zipper foot options.
    • Once the invisible zipper is sewn in, use a regular zipper foot to start the remaining seam at the bottom of the invisible zipper. A zipper foot will allow you to see the invisible zipper stitching and create a continuous seam line with the invisible zipper.
    • If you are feeling insecure or hesitant, use a basting stitch the first time. Basting is easier to remove if things don't go correctly.

    Matching Seams that Intersect an Invisible Zipper Seam

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    Matching Seams when Sewing in an Invisible Zipper

    sew an invisible zipper and mtch the intersecting seams
    Matching the Seams While Inserting an Invisible Zipper. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    One of the biggest challenge to sewing in an invisible zipper is to match seams that intersect the zipper seam. When you sew in a regular zipper you match and align seams before you sew in the zipper. When you sew in an invisible zipper the seam is supposed to line up at the same time that you sew in the zipper. Even when the seam is a perfect alignment when you line up the edges, it may shift as you sew the zipper.

    A simple solution and almost fool proof way to end up with a perfectly aligned zipper;

    • Prepare the fabric and zipper without sewing the seam that the invisible zipper will be sewn into.
    • Sew in the first side of the invisible zipper.
    • Close the zipper, with only one side of the zipper sewn in.
    • Align the intersecting seam (How to Match Seams and Seam Lines When Sewing)and pin the un-sewn edge to the zipper tape at the intersection.
    • Baste the seam intersection area in place on the zipper tape.
    • Repress the zipper tape flat if needed to assure sewing very close to the coil.
    • Install the remaining un-sewn part of the invisible zipper and continue as you would when sewing in any other invisible zipper.