20 Inspiring FREE Filet Crochet Patterns

Create beautiful images in double crochet

Filet crochet is a terrific niche of crochet that uses double crochet stitches worked with spaces to create fabulous graphic designs. You can spell out words and messages using filet crochet, or you can use the technique to recreate detailed pictures and designs. This is especially great for seasonal crochet, showcasing the different motifs of various holidays, but it also works for so many different kinds of designs. It is easy to learn filet crochet and there is a lot you can do with the...MORE technique once you've learned! Here are 20 inspiring crochet patterns that will make you want to learn filet crochet today, including several that have additional written and symbol chart instructions, which can be very helpful for beginners to the technique.

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    This is a set of three free crochet coaster patterns all worked In very simple filet crochet. These are square crochet patterns worked in cotton thread. These patterns could be adapted for use in other crochet square projects. Make a bunch in different colors of yarn and join them to create a motif-based blanket, for example. Or make one of each and frame them for some terrific handmade wall art.

    The designer offers this as both a classic filet crochet graph chart and also as a symbol chart. And...MORE as the designer reminds us on Ravelry, "remember you could also use the graph/ chart for tapestry crochet, beaded crochet, tunisian filet crochet, embroidery even knitting!"

    Designers who work in filet crochet often have more than one pattern in the style so if you find it easy to work from a particular pattern then make sure to check if that designer offers others, too, and this designer is definitely a good choice. Other filet crochet designs in this Ravelry store include gift tags, bookmarks, wall hangings and more. Many of these are seasonal designs, including filet crochet Christmas patterns.

    Trio of Coasters

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    This free crochet shirt pattern is designed using filet crochet but it is written as a symbol chart with written instructions, rather than using the typical graph. This makes it a great choice for filet crochet beginners who don't yet really understand how to read charts or who simply work better from written instructions. It also shows a great simple shirt design so you could use it as the basis for other filet crochet shirts, too, adapting the idea once you get the hang of the shirt...MORE shaping and the filet technique.

    Filet Crochet Shirt

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    Matemo has created a really cute and easy filet crochet pattern for a band with a heart in the center. It is designed to serve as a cover for a glass milk bottle but would work with other vases as well, and could even be adapted to make a headband or cup cozy! This is a charted pattern that includes written instructions.

    Milk Bottle Cover 

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    This filet crochet tablecloth pattern was designed as a lacy tablecloth perfect for displaying at Easter of Christmas. However, if you switched out from the small hook and thread to a large hook and bulky yarn, this same crochet pattern would work as a gorgeous blanket. This filet crochet chart pattern has a terrific geometric design that is very inspiring!

    This same crochet designer also has a free lace filet crochet pattern for a butterfly inside of a rectangle. 

    Prime Block Centerpiece 

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    This is a great crochet pattern for beginners to filet crochet because it's not only a simple pattern but also includes written instructions along with the traditional graph design. Graphs trip up some people as they are learning, so it is helpful to be able to see the words to make this design. The Lazy Hobbyhopper makes it easy to understand how to craft this wrap!

    Filet Crochet Wrap 

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    You can make many different shapes and design using filet crochet. This is an example of using the spaces in filet crochet to create diamond shapes. This free crochet pattern from Made by Leen has written instructions as well as a symbol chart (but not a filet graph); scroll down lower on the page for the English instructions on this bilingual pattern.

    Filet Crochet Diamond Blanket

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    Diamonds are cute but you can also crochet triangles, and in this scarf pattern you'll learn how to crochet two kinds - one using the "blocks" of filet and one using the "spaces" for a more openwork triangle. This crochet pattern comes with written, graph and symbol charts and even includes a filet crochet tutorial. Great for beginners!

    Filet Crochet Triangles Scarf

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    Little Things Blogged doesn't offer the typical crochet chart for this filet blanket but includes detailed written instructions that make it easy to understand the technique. There is a simple pattern repeat that really gives you the chance to practice the basics of filet crochet while creating an undulating openwork design. Since it is a written pattern, you can use this even if you don't care about the specifics of crochet, following the instructions and your knowledge of double...MORE crochet stitches to make the pretty design.

    Hopscotch Crochet Baby Blanket

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    This filet crochet pattern was designed to work as a decorative edging to place around a flower pot. It's a great way to use the pattern but you can also use it to create crochet edgings on a variety of other patterns, too. For example, put this on the edge of a pillowcase for a handmade touch. This is a bilingual crochet pattern that includes a filet crochet graph.

    Filet Crochet Edging

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    Filet Crochet Poncho Free Pattern

    This stylish crochet poncho is a go-anywhere accessory that you can dress up or dress down. It is made with merino yarn for a very cozy feel, weighted down by decorative tassels that pack a design punch. It has both charted and written instructions for ease of crafting.

    Cross Country Poncho 

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    You actually get five crochet patterns in one here. They all have the same round base (given in both written instructions and as a symbol chart). Then there are different options for the body: two different square-based patterns, two based on hearts and one with flowers. Each of these are given in both graph and symbol chart format. These would make a really great gift set and you could easily mix and match different designs to create sets that suit different recipients. Each uses only a little...MORE bit of yarn so this one is good for stash busting.

    Candle Cozies

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    One of the best ways that you can use filet crochet is to spell out letters, names, words and messages. Open mesh blocks in just the right places create so much meaning in this way. This particular chart, showing LOVE, is a free Ravelry download by Donna Wilby. The "o" in love has a heart in the center and there are also hearts worked around the border of this piece (which can be a wall hanging, a tablecloth or a throw.)

    Love and Kisses Filet Crochet Chart

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    Maria Merlino is another crochet designer on Ravelry who offers a variety of filet crochet charts. This one is a butterfly that was originally designed in 1916, making it old enough to enter the public domain, and she has reworked the chart to make it easier to read today. The original is a small design that was used as the centerpiece of a yoke for a cotton nightgown but it could be worked in yarn to make larger squares to create blankets or other designs.

    1916 Bucilla Butterfly 

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    Here is another option for creating a filet crochet butterfly, slightly different in style. This one is from Stitches n Scraps who actually offers it in two different charted versions - one more openwork and lacy and the other more filled in and solid. She also links to a filet crochet tutorial in case you need a bit of help remembering how to read the charts.

    Filet Crochet Butterfly 

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    You can create crochet afghans with mix-and-match filet crochet squares like this one. This design is a tulip flower. It is offered free on Ravelry from Christine Frazier who also has several other great filet crochet patterns to download including several for beginners. Combine it with solid squares and floral granny squares for a unique blanket project.

    Filet Crochet Tulip Square

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    Here are some cute little crochet charts for Easter decorations that are designed to look like eggs with springtime themes (like chicks) inside. They can be hung as decor but they can also sit on tables for use as placemats or coasters.

    Filet Crochet Easter Decorations

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    Crochet an oak tree using this filet crochet pattern. The oak tree is provided as a chart and there are additional written instructions for turning the item into a purse. This purse is well-shaped to become a water bottle cozy or wine bottle gift bag.

    Filet Crochet Oak Tree Purse

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    Autumn leaves are always a popular motif for crochet because they are so beautiful in both shape and color. They can be worked subtly using filet crochet, as we see here in this shawl pattern. The pattern comes with both a graph and a symbol chart and includes a little bit of additional written instruction, so even though it's a detailed design, it should be something that you can feel confident completing.

    Autumn Leaves Filet Crochet Shawl 

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    You really can express your interest in pretty much anything using filet crochet to create the graphics. This one is a good choice if you're a Dr. Who fan. Designer Nik Whitehead says it is "a stealth scarf for the Dr Who fan who wants to be a little more subtle" and explains that "the pattern is made up of three panels of filet crochet, each of which is worked from the top to the bottom."

    Wibbly-wobbly Timey-wimey Scarf

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    Dr. Who Filet Crochet Shawl Free Pattern

    Fans of Dr. Who have another option with this free filet crochet shawl pattern. This crochet pattern is based on the TARDIS. There are actually different filet crochet charts here; one that can be worked bottom-up if you know your length and another that can be worked sideways if you want to decide the length as you go​.

    Relative Dimensions in Space Shawl