10 Inspiring Crochet Blogs With Cool Patterns

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Whether you're searching for a new crochet pattern or looking for inspiration for your next project, there are many fascinating crochet blogs for you to discover. These websites are run by passionate crocheters, talented designers, and companies dedicated to keeping your hooks moving.

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    Knitting and Crochet

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    With a free newsletter, regular posts, and a bunch of free patterns, Knitting and Crochet is a blog that every yarn crafter will love. It explores all aspects of the craft with Amy, the textile designer and author behind the blog.

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    Edie Eckman

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    There are many talented crochet designers out there. Many have their own websites and Edie Eckman is one that you'll definitely want to follow. She specializes in teaching both knit and crochet techniques and has written a treasure trove of books, including "The Crochet Answer Book."

    On Eckman's website, you will find great patterns that she designed as well as detailed tutorials. Many of these cover problems every knitter and crocheter run across at some point. She also hosts classes on Craftsy and provides a free newsletter.

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    Amigurumi is a Japanese term for a cute stuffed toy or doll which is either knitted or crocheted. They're also called "softies" or "plushies."

    If you're ready to delve into this adorable world, explore the Amigurumei blog by Mei. It is filled with free crochet patterns of her little creatures, many of which are inspired by her love for anime. You'll also find all sorts of animals, from lions to alligators. The site offers many tutorials that will help you get started in this super cute spectrum of the yarn world.

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    Antique Crochet

    Needlecrafts have a long and rich history and few websites celebrate it as well as Antique Crochet. If you're drawn to the elegance of vintage patterns, including beaded bags, dainty yokes, gorgeous baby projects, and other interesting historical items, it's the place for you. The patterns and topics are categorized by decade, making it easy to explore the style of crochet that appeals to you most.

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    Inside Crochet

    Inside Crochet is a U.K.-based magazine that is filled with all things crochet. The blog offers near-daily inspiration with fun and interesting projects so you can keep up on the latest trends. You can browse patterns found in back issues (which are available to order), enter competitions, find tutorials, and so much more.

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    Crochet Guild of America

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    Whether you're a beginner or have been crocheting for years, the official blog of the Crochet Guild of America has lots to offer. You'll find featured patterns that follow the latest trends, discover book reviews, and learn about the many ways you can get involved in the larger crochet community.

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    When you want to keep up with yarn trends and find fun new projects, look for inspiration from the yarn companies. Yarnspirations is a fantastic example of a store that also hosts a blog on which guests share all sorts of crochet insights. From tips to patterns and a look at the latest yarns to drool over, it's a great place to regularly check out. You can also subscribe to their newsletter so you don't miss a thing.

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    Berroco Blog

    If you have yet to discover the wonderful patterns from Berroco's Design Team, check out their blog. Modern and filled with style, the patterns and tips offered on this website are amazing. You'll also learn more about Berroco Yarns and discover the work of some of today's most talented needlework designers.

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    Lion Brand Notebook

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    Lion Brand is a big name in the yarn world and there's always something new to discover on their website. The Lion Brand Notebook is the company's blog and it's filled with interesting posts, many of which feature more patterns than you can crochet in a lifetime. You can also explore their yarns, of course, and learn which work best for certain types of projects.

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    Webs Yarn Store Blog

    Webs is one of the biggest yarn stores online and there's a lot going on there. If you'd like some listening material to go along with your stitching, you'll find a regular podcast on their blog. They often feature talented designers, talk about cool new patterns, and explore the latest yarns. It's easy to get hooked on this talk show!

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