7 Insect Crafts for Kids to Make

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    Insect Crafts for Kids to Make

    Spring time is here which means insects are out in full force! Whether you like insects are not, they are super fun to craft! From butterflies and bees to ladybugs and dragonflies. I think your kiddos are going to love these insect crafts that I’ve found around the web.

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    Egg Carton Dragonfly Craft

    Egg Carton Dragonfly Craft
    Crafty Morning

    Recycle old egg cartons into pretty blue dragonflies. You’ll also need tissue paper and pipe cleaners for this insect craft. Kids will love to fly these around.

    Egg Carton Dragonfly Craft from Crafty Morning

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    Twirling Paper Ladybugs

    Twirling Paper Ladybugs
    Make and Takes

    Craft these cute ladybugs and watch them twirl in the breeze on a summer day! Hang them on your back porch for fun decor to cheer up the house.

    Twirling Paper Ladybugs from Make and Takes


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    Buggy Hats

    Paper Buggy Hats
    Yellow Bliss Road

    These bug hats are perfect for an insect themed birthday party. They are easy to make and kids will love wearing them!

    Buggy Hats from Yellow Bliss Road

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    Yarn Wrapped Bees

    Yarn Wrapped Bees
    Housing a Forest

    Get out the yarn for this totally cute kids craft. Wrap black and yellow yarn around pieces of cardboard to create flying bees.

    Yarn Wrapped Bees from Housing a Forest

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    Butterfly Plate Craft

    Butterfly Plate Craft
    No Time For Flash Cards

    These butterflies are simple and easy to craft for little hands. All you need for this craft are a couple of paper plates and some buttons or gems.

    Butterfly Plate Craft from No Time For Flash Cards

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    Swirling Snail Art

    Swirling Snail Art
    My Frugal Adventures.

    You just need a few supplies to make these simple crafty snails. Paint each snail a different color and make a whole family of them!

    Swirling Snail Art from My Frugal Adventures

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    Thumbprint Love Bug Cards

    Thumbprint Love Bug Cards

    Make your own LOVE bugs with just your thumbprints! Craft and give these cards out to family and friends, they are super cute too.

    Thumbprint Love Bug Cards from The Spruce