15 Cute and Crawly Insect Crafts for Kids

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    Crafting Critters

    Bugging out? If you've got kids who are insane for insects, these are the crafts for you! From making your own lightning bugs that actually light up, to your favorite storybook bugs, to the perfect way to attract your own real-life butterflies, get excited about all kinds of crawly crafts!

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    DIY Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Does your family love Eric Carle? Here's a cute craft inspired by an old favorite, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Make your own wiggly friend for a fun afternoon craft to pair with read-aloud time.

    DIY Very Hungry Caterpillar from The Spruce

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    Pop Bottle Firefly

    This is a fantastic and creative firefly craft. Using just a pop bottle, glow sticks, and extra materials to make wings, legs, and antennae, make a firefly that really glows. These are perfect for outdoor evening parties and bonfires during the summer.

    Pop Bottle Firefly from One Little Project

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    Thumbprint Bug Flower Pots

    Here's the perfect craft to make to get kids excited about gardening, or at least make them a little less wary of garden critters. Cute thumbprint bug flower pots are easy, hands-on, and let the kids know there's nothing icky about the insects you share the garden with.

    Thumbprint Bug Flower Pots from Mom Always Finds Out

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    Painted Ladybug Rocks

    Everyone knows a ladybug means good luck, so why stop at one? Paint a whole family of colorful ladybug rocks with this sweet outdoor craft!

    Painted Ladybug Rocks from Crafts by Amanda

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    Egg Carton Snail

    Egg carton crafts never get old. If you're looking for fun new ways to get crafty with recycling, look no further than this super cute egg carton snail craft.

    Egg Carton Snail from The Spruce

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    Sparkly Clothespin Dragonfly

    Clothespin crafts are another old standby, and we think this sparkly dragonfly rendition is super adorable. Glitter never goes out of style, and dragonflies are oh-so-pretty when they sparkle!

    Sparkly Clothespin Dragonfly from I Heart Crafty Things

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    Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

    Talk about turning trash into treasure: a toilet paper roll turned into a pretty homemade craft is just as much of a metamorphosis as a caterpillar into a butterfly! Make some silly, pretty flying friends with this easy tutorial.

    Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly from The Spruce

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    Bug Fossils Activity

    Any little archaeologists in your house? This super sensory activity uses dollar store plastic bugs and play dough to recreate the experience of digging for ancient bones and fossils. A plastic beach shovel or other play tools are a good idea to make it feel more authentic for your kids.

    Bug Fossils Activity from Plain Vanilla Mom

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    Printable Bug Puppets

    Puppet playtime just got crawlier! These wearable bugs are cooky and colorful, and guarantee the fun will last past craft time. Check out the tutorial to see all the different variations your kids can make and play with!

    Printable Bug Puppets from Easy Peasy and Fun

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    Popsicle Stick Puppet Honey Bees

    popsicle stick bumble bees
    Katherine Lee

    Teach your kids all about buzzing bees, how they make honey, and why it's so important to protect them with a honey bee puppet craft. Popsicle sticks make playing with your new creations even easier.

    Popsicle Stick Puppet Honey Bees from The Spruce

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    Paper Plate Spiders

    Who are you calling eight-eyes? Spiders aren't just for Halloween–get excited about arachnids all year round with this creative paper plate spider craft.

    Paper Plate Spiders from I Heart Crafty Things

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    Firefly Suncatcher

    For another adorable Eric Carle inspired craft, try this beautiful firefly suncatcher. Paste them up in the window on a sunny summer afternoon and see the colors reflected all around the room!

    Firefly Suncatcher from I Heart Arts N Crafts

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    Sponge Painted Butterfly Craft for Kids

    We love a good sponge painting craft, and what better way to celebrate the summer than with a colorful and fun sponge painted butterfly? Get outside and get a little messy with some old sponges and pretty paint colors.

    Sponge Painted Butterfly Craft for Kids from The Resourceful Mama

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    Love Bug Footprint Puppet

    Okay, maybe lovebugs aren't really real insects, but this footprint puppet is too cute to pass up. This is great as a kid-made card or valentine to anyone who needs a little extra love in their life today!

    Lovebug Footprint Puppet from Coffee Cups and Crayons

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    Simple DIY Butterfly Feeder

    Once you've crafted all you can and you feel ready to take on some real bugs, try this DIY at-home butterfly feeder! Make a cute little hanging plate and provide a feast of a butterfly's favorite foods, wait and put your insect knowledge to the test!

    Simple DIY Butterfly Feeder from There's Just One Mommy