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Enjoy sewing by taking things one step at a time and experiencing the fantastic feeling you get from saying, "I made it" while others look amazed! These lessons start simple and expand skills as the lessons progress. 

To get the most from these free lessons, take each lesson and make each project so that you experience the various steps and terms to achieve even more when you have completed the lessons.

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    Sewing Lesson 1 - Getting Prepared

    Envelope Back Pillow
    The Front of an Envelope Back Pillow. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    This page guides you through getting ready to start sewing this simple envelope back pillow.

    By gathering the materials and information on this page, you'll have everything  you need to start the next lesson.

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    Sewing Lesson 2 - The Cutting and Sewing

    Sewing Lesson 2
    Sewing Lesson 2 - Cutting and Start Sewing. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    The instructions on this page are designed to take someone who has never sewn anything ever before through each and every step of the process so they will have results they are proud to say they made it them self!

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    Sewing Lesson 3 - A Pillow with Piping

    Pressing a pillow sewn with piping edges
    Pressing a Pillow Sewn in This Lesson. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Now that you have completed the simple pillow cover, now we will venture into adding piping into the seam to make a pillow that has a piping edge for contrast. Once again each step is broken down into simple to follow instructions that any one can follow.

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    Sewing Lesson 4 - All About Seams and Seam Finishes

    Sewing a Curved Seam
    Sewing a Curved Seam. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    A seam is the basis for almost everything you will ever sew. Learn exactly what makes up a seam, the different types of seams you may want to use and how to finish your seams. Everything about sewing seams can be found in this lesson!

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    Sewing Lesson 5 - Using a Purchased Pattern

    Stretch & Sew Pattern 2000
    Stretch & Sew Pattern 2000 Classic Robes. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    The very first time that you purchase a sewing pattern can be intimidating. This lesson walks you through everything you need to do to understand buying your pattern for a basic bathrobe, reading the pattern envelope and going shopping for everything you need to sew that pattern.

    If you don't want the bathrobe, consider making it as a gift that someone is bound to appreciate. I knew I made one many years a go for a young man at Christmas and he actually went into tears because no one had made anything just for him ever before.

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    Sewing Lesson 6 - Lay Out, Cutting

    Inside Stretch & Sew 2000 Pattern Envelope
    Inside Stretch & Sew 2000 Pattern Envelope. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    In this lesson you will learn how to follow the directions that come with the pattern with the lesson interrupting every single step and guiding you through where to look next, so that you will be confident as you start the first steps of making your own bathrobe.

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    Sewing Lesson 7 - Transferring Pattern Markings

    Pattern Markings to Transfer
    Pattern Markings to Transfer. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    This sewing lesson focuses on what you need to know about transferring the markings on this pattern while How to Transfer Pattern Markings will expand your basic lesson information when you graduate to purchase patterns with more details that will need to be transferred than a basic bathrobe entails.

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    Sewing Lesson 8 - Robe Upper Pockets

    The Upper Robe Pocket
    Sewing the Robe Upper Pocket. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    In this lesson I break down every step to sewing the upper pocket, including some hints and tips that are not in the directions so that you will be very proud of the results and it will hold up for many years to come.

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    Sewing Lesson 9 - Robe Lower Pocket

    Lower Robe Pockets
    Lower Robe Pockets. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    These are the pockets that most people tend to "park" their hands in which is why this type of pocket usually rips. You'll follow the pattern instructions and my pointers to  make these pockets strong and durable.

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    Sewing Lesson 10 - Shoulder Seams And Band Preparation

    Matching Seams
    Matching Seams. Debbie Colgrove, LIcensed to

    Now things are starting to move along and you'll be putting the main pieces of the robe together.  During this stage you'll start to realize just how much you have already learned.

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    Lesson 11 - Attaching The Band

    Attaching the Band on the Robe
    Attaching the Band on the Robe. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    In this step I break down each and every step of the instructions for you to achieve attaching the band. I end with tips for top stitching that may be more to your liking than plain top stitching.

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    Sewing Lesson 12 - Sleeves, Side Seams, Belt Loops, Belt And Hems

    Trimming the Sleeve Seam
    Trimming the Sleeve Seam. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    In this step your approaching the finish line and will pass the finish line at the end of the lesson! Congratulations! Your now ready to take on the many free patterns and projects that are offered!