The Impossible Prediction Magic Trick

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    Card Prediction: Intro

    Ten of clubs sign
    Wayne Kawamoto

    Here's an excellent, easy magic trick that's a mentalism style prediction effect that employs playing cards. 


    You bring out and lay an envelope down onto the table and tell your spectators that there is a "prediction" that you've written inside. You bring out a deck of cards and show that the cards are different. At this point, you ask a spectator to name a number.

    Based on the spectator's freely named (random) number, a card is selected. When the letter inside the...MORE envelope is opened and read, it states the exact card that was chosen.

    Materials: A deck of cards, an envelope and a piece of paper.

    With a new found skill that we teach and recently added to the site, this trick offers a variation on a trick that we called "Killer Prediction," which you can learn via the link.

    How is this trick possible? Read on.

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    Select a Card

    Ten of clubs written on paper
    Wayne Kawamoto

    First, you'll have to learn how to make a spectator select the card that you want him to choose. The spectator thinks he has a completely free choice, but you influence the selection process and have already determined the outcome.

    Write the name of a card on the paper. For this example, we’ll be using the ten of clubs.


    You'll be learning and performing a technique that magicians refer to as a "force." A spectator thinks that he has a free selection of any card but...MORE doesn't.

    There are many ways to influence the choice of a playing card, and for this trick, we have chosen a simple method that involves dealing and has the spectator freely naming a number, which determines the card choice.

    Of course, if you already can perform a technique to influence the choice of a card, feel free to do so. We only recommend a technique that is particularly easy for kids and beginners to learn and perform. You can learn the technique from our step by step instructions by clicking here.

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    Card Prediction: Make the Prediction

    Putting paper in envelope
    Wayne Kawamoto

    Fold the paper and place it into the envelope. Close the envelope. You may seal it if you wish.

    Setup the deck as outlined in the instructions for influencing the choice of a card.

    You're ready to perform the trick.

    Bring out your envelope and deck of cards. Explain that you have a prediction that you've written ahead of time in the envelope. Bring out the deck of cards and show that all of the cards are different. There's nothing to hide here as the deck is completely ordinary,...MORE it's simply in a special order so you can perform the trick.

    Don't worry that spectators may note the top card. There's nothing special about it.

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    Card Prediction: Use Your Favorite Method

    Hand holding one card
    Wayne Kawamoto

    Use the technique as explained in your choice of "Making a Spectator Select a Card - Version 1" or "Making a Spectator Select a Card - Version 2."

    In this example, if you use version one, you’ll place the ten of clubs on top of the deck. If you use version 2, you will place the ten of clubs at the ninth position in the deck.

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    Card Prediction: The Envelope Please

    A shadow figure bowing, removing their hat
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    When the envelope is opened, the prediction will state the name of the selected card, The "ten of clubs."