A Fun and Easy Card Trick for Beginners

A Prediction-Style Magic Trick

Ten of clubs sign
Wayne Kawamoto

This easy magic trick will wow spectators making them think you achieved an impossible prediction. First, gather a deck of cards, an envelope, and a piece of paper with a card prediction written on it. Next, bring out a deck of cards, unveiling them to show that the cards are different. Ask someone to choose a random card. And then, open the envelope to reveal a letter that matches their selection. 

How is this done? We've got the secret.

Making the Prediction

Select a card for the prediction. For this example, let's use the 10 of clubs. Write the name of this card on a piece of paper. Next, fold the paper and place it into the envelope. Close the envelope and seal it. 

Now, call in your spectator and bring out your envelope and deck of cards. Explain to your audience that you have a prediction written on a piece of paper in the envelope. Place the envelope on the table. Then, pick up the deck of cards, showing your spectator that it is a complete deck and all of the cards are different. 

Putting paper in envelope
Wayne Kawamoto

Selecting a Card

For the card to match your prediction, you need to learn how to make a spectator select the card you want them to choose. When performed correctly, the spectator thinks they made a completely free choice. But actually, you influenced the selection process and have already determined the outcome. This technique is referred to by magicians as a "force." 

To force your spectator to pick the 10 of clubs, place it in the middle of the deck and cut the cards so that this card lands on the bottom when you shuffle the deck. Once the deck is shuffled, keep the 10 of clubs, or the "key card" at the bottom of the deck and fan out the rest of the cards for your spectator to pick from. (At this point, make sure the key card underneath is manipulated to the middle of the fanned out cards.)

Instruct the spectator to touch a card. Once the card is touched, in one hand motion, cut the deck at the touched card while simultaneously sliding the key card into position and revealing it to the spectator. (Remember, this is the card you previously "predicted.")

Ten of clubs written on paper
Wayne Kawamoto

Reveling the Prediction

Place the deck of cards onto the table with the spectator's "selected" card facing up on the deck. Instruct the spectator to open the envelope and take out the piece of paper inside. Next, have them read the prediction on the piece of paper. The prediction will state the name of the selected card, the ten of clubs, revealed in front of them on top of the deck. 

This fun trick is easy for both adults and kids to learn. And once you know how to perform a force, you can use the technique in many different card tricks, such as a variation of this trick called the "killer prediction." 

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