How Do I Knit If I'm Left Handed?

Antagain/Getty Images

Many left-handed people are convinced that they can't​ learn to knit. Others think they have to learn a complicated mirror-image type of knitting that involves working the stitches from the right-hand needle onto the left-hand needle.

While it's certainly fine to learn and use this method of left-handed knitting if that's what you're comfortable with, the truth is it doesn't need to be that difficult to learn to knit as a left-handed person.

Knitting Uses Both Hands

No matter which hand is your dominant hand, both hands are used in knitting thanks to the simple fact that there are two needles involved. Right-handed people can use their left hands when knitting, and left-handed people can use their right hands in the same way.

Some left-handed people find it easier to learn the continental method of knitting because the yarn is held in and manipulated by the left hand, but it's possible to learn the English knitting method as a leftie, too. You may want to practice both to find out which style is right for you.

Just like right-handed people, left-handed people require practice for knitting to feel comfortable and natural. If you're a left-handed person looking to learn how to knit, I'd recommend trying the continental method of knitting first before you try to learn what's known as left-handed knitting.