Ideas for Scrapbooking with Ribbon

How to Use Ribbon on Your Scrapbook Pages, Greeting Cards, and More

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Ribbon is one of the most versatile scrapbook page embellishments. It comes in a huge variety of colors, styles, textures, and widths. Many scrapbook manufacturers sell ribbon in coordinating sets making it easy to decide which ribbons to use together on a scrapbook page or paper crafting project. You can even save ribbon from gift packaging, hair ties, and more and recycle it as scrapbook page embellishments. These 20 ideas will show you how to make flowers, bows, book bindings, borders, and so much more for your scrapbook pages, greeting cards, and other projects with ribbon. Remember that you can click on any image to see it full-size and also you can use your browser window back button to return to this list after reading any of the articles below.

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    DIY Ribbon Gathered Flowers

    How to Make Flowers with Gathered Ribbon
    Ribbon Flower with Button. Ludens

    Ribbon is frequently used flat on scrapbook pages or greeting cards, however with this technique you can add some depth to your pages. By gathering one edge of the ribbon you can create beautiful flowers. To finish off each of these blossoms, I have added a button to the center. In the article, DIY Ribbon Flowers, you will find step by step instructions for this 3-D scrapbooking technique.

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    Ribbon Tree

    How to Make a Ribbon Tree with Brads
    Simple Ribbon and Brad Christmas Tree. Schmidt

    Make Christmas cards or holiday scrapbook pages extra festive with this easy technique for turning a piece of green ribbon and some mini brads into a quick evergreen tree. You may want to use adhesive to hold the ribbon in place as you tack it down with the mini brads. Be sure to watch the video How to Set Mini Brads to see my quick tip for making putting brads into your scrapbook pages and cards quick and easy.

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    How to Cover Chipboard with Ribbon

    How to Cover Chipboard with Ribbon
    Ribbon Covered Chipboard Heart Scrapbook Page Idea. Ludens

    Adding ribbon to chipboard is a technique that uses tools and supplies that you most likely already have on-hand. Adding strips of coordinating ribbon to a cardstock shape gives that scrapbook page embellishment extra style and texture.

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    Make a Ribbon Organizer Box

    How to Make a Ribbon Organizer Box for Scrapbooking
    DIY Ribbon Organizer Box. Ludens

    If you are like most scrapbookers, you have quite a stash of ribbons in your supply closet. This article shows you how to make an organizer box to keep them all neat and tidy.

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    Scrapbook Page Bow

    Directions for Making a Bow for Your Scrapbook Page
    Hang a Photo from a Ribbon Bow. Ludens

    A bow made of ribbon can be used to dress up scrapbook page with themes as wide-ranging as baby, heritage, wedding, or even birthday. These instructions tell you exactly how long to cut each piece to make this elegant bow.

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    Stitched Ribbon Border

    How to Make a Border From Pieces of Ribbon
    Stitched Ribbon Borders. Breanne

    Lots of little pieces of ribbon were used to make this dimensional scrapbook page border. The pieces were each held in place by a small amount of adhesive and then tacked down permanently by running a sewing machine stitch down the edge of the page. For extra help with sewing on scrapbook pages be sure to read 5 Tips for Machine Sewing on Scrapbook Pages.

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    Buttons Tied To Ribbon with Ribbon

    Use Thin Ribbon to Tie Buttons to Wider Ribbon
    Buttons Tied to Ribbon with Ribbon. Jean Marmo

    This technique uses two types of ribbon - one thin ribbon that will fit through the holes in large buttons, and one wide piece of ribbon that becomes a 3-D border. The buttons are tied to the large ribbon by using the thin pieces. You have to see this fun page in more detail, so be sure to click on the image to see it full-size.

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    Woven Ribbon Journaling Mat

    Weave Ribbon to Add Texture to a Photo or Journaling Mat
    Woven Ribbon Journaling Mat. Kay Wallace

    Kay Wallace created this intricately woven mat of ribbon for her scrapbook page. Simply select coordinating colors of ribbon and weave them together in the style of paper placemats. Fold the ends of the ribbon around the back of a piece of cardstock or chipboard for added support. You can then use the woven ribbon rectangle as a photo mat for a focal point photo or a journaling box.

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    Torn Wedding Page with Ribbon

    How to make a scrapbook page that looks like it is held together with ribbon.
    Torn Paper Held Together with Ribbon for Scrapbook Pages. Hot Off the Press

    You can add extra "pop" to your wedding pages with this paper tearing idea. The scrapbook page looks as if it is being held together with ribbon knots. A second patterned paper peeks through the opening and is really the piece that holds everything together. This fun technique would work on almost any theme of scrapbook page. More wedding scrapbook page ideas can be found in the Wedding Pages Gallery.

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    Ribbon Flower Stems and Leaves

    How to Use Ribbon to Create a Scene
    Ribbon as Stems and Leaves for Flowers on Scrapbook Pages. HOTP

    If we can make ribbon into flowers as shown in idea #1 above, then we can definitely use ribbon to make leaves and stems for those flowers. On this scrapbook page, the flowers are made from paper and the texture is added to the layout with the green ribbon. For more ideas for embellishing your scrapbook pages with flowers, you can read 17 Ideas for Using Flowers on Your Scrapbook Pages.

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    Ribbon Knots

    How to Use Ribbon Knots on a Photo Mat
    Knotted Ribbons add Texture to Photo Mat. HOTP

    Ribbon knots are simply small pieces of ribbon that have been tied and pulled tight into tiny knots. This knots can be tied through holes punched in your scrapbook pages or photos mats or the knots can simply be glued in place with GlueDots. Either way, they are a quick way to add style and texture to your scrapbook page layouts.

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    Ric Rac Ribbon Flower Stems

    Ric Rac Stems for Scrapbook Pages
    Using Ric Rac Ribbon for Flower Stems. Beth Price

    I love the look and texture of ric-rac ribbon. You can use it simply as a quick border on a scrapbook page or as shown here to create a scene on the layout. Once again, ribbon is used as the stems on the flowers, but take note of how this specialty type of ribbon gives the page an all-together unique look.

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    Frame Border Tied Together with Ribbon

    How to Create a Border with Ribbon Tied Frames
    Using Ribbon to Tie Slides Together for a Border. HOTP

    Frames can be made for photos from chipboard, slide mounts, or even cardstock weight stickers. When you tie several frames together with ribbon you can create a fun border that can feature photos or other embellishments inside each one of the frames.

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    3-D Flip Flops with Ribbon

    Ribbon on Flip Flop Embellishments for Summer Scrapbook Pages and Greeting Cards
    Ribbon to Make Scrapbook Page Embellishments for Summer Pages. Ludens

    The 3-D flip flops are a fun and funky summer scrapbook page technique that uses little bits of ribbon for a touch of realism. This article shares the step by step instructions along with a free pattern so that you can add these cute little items to your next beach layout or summer party invitation.

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    Folded Paper Ribbon

    How to Use Paper for Folded Paper Ribbon
    Folded Paper Ribbon on Scrapbook Pages. Schmidt

    Can't find just the right color of ribbon to coordinate with the papers on your scrapbook page? Don't worry, this article shows you how to use thin strips of paper and a little machine stitching to add texture to your scrapbook pages without real fabric ribbon.

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    Paper Bag Albums – Ribbon Bindings

    Ribbon Ties on a Paper Bag Album
    Using Ribbon to Bind a Paper Bag Album. Darcy Baldwin

    Ribbon makes great binding material for mini scrapbooks. This Paper Bag Album How To article by Darcy Balwin shows you just how adorable ribbon can make a pile of classic brown paper bags. For more mini scrapbook ideas, you can visit DIY Mini Scrapbooks - Mini Scrapbooks and Gift Album Ideas and Tutorials.

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    Printing on Ribbon

    How to Use Your Printer to Print Words on Ribbons
    Printing on Ribbon for Scrapbooking. Ludens

    You can print on almost anything that is flat enough to fit through your printer. This article shows you how to print on cork, fabric, and yes, even ribbon. This technique allows you to make custom printed ribbon for your scrapbook pages and greeting cards.

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    Ribbon Closures for Mini Scrapbooks

    How to Use Ribbon as a Closure on Mini Scrapbooks
    Using Ribbon as a Closure for Mini Scrapbooks. Ludens

    Wrapping a piece of coordinating ribbon around it is the perfect way to finish off one of these little mini scrapbooks. These mini albums make fabulous gifts for family and friends.

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    Toothpick Flags with Ribbon

    Using Ribbon to Make Mini Flags for Scrapbook Page Embellishments
    Ribbons as Flags. Ludens

    Little flags and banners are a popular trend in scrapbooking. With toothpicks and small pieces of ribbon you can copy this trend in a unique and creative way. Read Scrapbooking with Banners - How to Make a Simple Pennant Banner for more information on this hot trend.

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    Letters on Ribbon Border Idea

    How to Make a Letter Border with Ribbon
    Adding Letters to Ribbon to Create a Scrapbook Page Border. Francine

    And finally, by adding letters to a piece of ribbon you can create a page border that also serves as the title. Simply print the letters on cardstock and cut them out into any shape that you choose. Mount those pieces on a length of ribbon that runs either up and down or across your scrapbook page for a quick and easy border.