DIY Ice Cream Sundae Costume

Ice Cream Sundae Costume
Megan Graney

Make Halloween Extra Sweet With an Ice Cream Sundae Costume

Ice Cream Sundae Costume
Megan Graney

Halloween is traditionally all about the candy, but ice cream becomes the holiday’s main event with this creative, handmade sundae costume. With just a few simple craft materials, a store-bought dress and leggings (source the perfect items online), and a free afternoon, this costume comes together easily—even for beginner crafters.

No need for a needle and thread either, the ice cream sundae costume relies on hot glue for quick assembly. Once you have the basic components of this ensemble created, add your own spin (think: a banana-shaped jacket to turn yourself into a banana split, or building a giant aluminum foil spoon to carry). This costume can absolutely be adjusted for little ones, pets, and non-dress wearers, too, just begin with any white article of clothing. Glance through the steps below to begin crafting your own creative costume this Halloween.

Gather Materials

Megan Graney

To make this sweet treat of a costume, you'll need the following materials:


  • Felt (in Multiple Colors)
  • 1 Yard of Brown Fringe
  • Elastic
  • Styrofoam Sphere
  • Scrap of White Fabric
  • Green Pipe Cleaner
  • White Ruffled Dress
  • Tan Leggings
  • Red Paint
  • Brown Paint


  • Paint Brush
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

Cut the Felt Sprinkles

Cut the Felt
Megan Graney

Draw an enlarged sprinkle (rounded rectangle) onto one of the felt squares, then cut it out with a pair of sharp scissors. Trace the shape with a pencil to create eight sprinkles in each color, then cut. Stack your felt to cut two sprinkles at once to save yourself some time. Set them aside to be glued onto the dress later.

Plan the Fringe Placement

Plan the Fringe
Megan Graney

Mimic the shape of a splash of hot fudge by swirling the brown fringe around the dress collar. Lay it out first, creating drippy globs as you go. Adjust until you have the perfect, dynamic, fudgy swirl.

Glue on the Fringe

Glue on the Fringe
Megan Graney

Use the hot glue gun to apply the fringe directly to the dress. Trim any excess fringe once it’s fully glued on, and secure the ends with an extra bit of glue. Fluff the fringe so it lays evenly.

Plan the Sprinkle Placement

Plan Sprinkle Placement
Megan Graney

Lay the felt rainbow sprinkles onto the dress, being sure to vary the color, orientation, and placement to capture that random, just-sprinkled look. Concentrate more sprinkles toward the top of the dress and fewer as you reach its hem.

Glue on the Sprinkles

Glue Sprinkles
Megan Graney

Once you have a look you love, affix the felt sprinkles to the dress with a bit of hot glue. Be sure to secure the edges with a little extra glue to ensure longevity for your costume. For a professional-looking finished product, don’t forget to add sprinkles to the dress’ reverse side as well.

Embellish the Leggings

Waffle Cone Leggings
Megan Graney

With a shade of brown slightly darker than the tan leggings, use a stiff paintbrush to free-hand a waffle cone-inspired criss-cross pattern onto the leggings. Stamp the loaded paintbrush again and again to create a soft, diffused set of diagonal crossing lines. This will give more of a realistic textured look. Set aside to dry, then repeat on the back.

Pro tip: Insert scrap poster board or cardboard into each leg prior to painting to ensure the paint won’t leak through to the interior of the fabric. 

Paint the Styrofoam Sphere

Paint the Sphere
Megan Graney

Using a clean brush, apply cherry red paint to the styrofoam ball (acrylic works well here). Add a second or third coat as needed for an opaque finish, allowing the styrofoam to dry completely between coats. Finish the cherry with a white highlight made with a dash of puffy fabric paint.

Assemble the Cherry Headband

Assemble the Headband
Megan Graney

Twist the pipe cleaner into a curved stem and leaf, then hot glue it to the very top of the red styrofoam ball. Measure the length of the wearer’s head, and trim a bit of elastic to fit. Glue the elastic ends together to form a loop. Finally, affix the cherry to the scrap of white fabric (to resemble a dollop of whipped cream), then secure the entire piece to the elastic with hot glue.

Put It All Together

Ice Cream Sundae Costume
Megan Graney

Wear the ice cream dress, waffle cone leggings, and cherry headband all together for a creative, homemade Halloween Costume. Finish the look with a colorful pair of shoes and a bright red lip. 

Not a dress person? Swap it for an oversized sweatshirt or tee shirt—it’ll absolutely work just as well as the base for this costume.