Ice Cream Cone Mandala Free Embroidery Pattern

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    Stitching an Ice Cream Cone Mandala

    Stitching the Ice Cream Mandala
    Mollie Johanson

    While it's a tasty treat any time of the year, ice cream is a perfect summer snack or dessert. It's also a fun thing to stitch in the summer, perhaps while you're relaxing on a warm front porch! This free hand embroidery pattern has a circular repeat, creating a mandala or medallion of sorts.

    The circle of ice cream cones, cherries and sprinkles is a good way to embroider your favorite flavors or to stitch the rainbow. And working your way around the ring of ice cream is so relaxing.

    Of course, you can also embroider just one of the cones instead of working the entire mandala design.

    Use your finished embroidery to make a wall hanging or framed hoop. Or stitch it on the front of a t-shirt or tote bag!

    It would even make a fun center for an embroidered summer tablecloth with some ice cream treats on the borders! You might just find yourself hosting more family ice cream socials to show off your stitching!

    Ready to make some ice cream?

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    Ice Cream Mandala Downloadable Pattern

    Ice Cream Cone Mandala Embroidery Pattern
    Mollie Johanson

    Download a JPG of the ice cream pattern and size it as you like. The stitched example is about 7 inches in diameter and fits within an 8-inch hoop. You could easily work this pattern at a smaller size too, just use fewer strands than suggested.

    Transfer or mark the pattern using your favorite method. When working on linen, as shown, printing the design on water-soluble stabilizer is often easier than trying to trace. Printing also makes it much faster than tracing all of those lines!

    Place your fabric in a hoop and get ready to start stitching!

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    Guide for Stitching the Ice Cream Mandala

    Ice Cream Mandala Color & Stitch Guide
    Mollie Johanson


    Select your own embroidery floss color or use this guide!

    For the rainbow of ice cream: DMC 776, 352, 743, 3348, 3849 and 209.

    For the cone, cherries and chocolate sprinkles: DMC 420, 309 and 838.

    Another way to color this pattern would be to stitch all of the cones in the same "flavor", for example creamy white or chocolate brown. Then stitch the sprinkles in a rainbow of hues.


    Use your favorite embroidery stitches for this project, as any basic stitches will do, or follow the stitch guide for easy-to-work suggestions.

    For a bold embroidered look, use six strands and back stitch for the ice cream portion. Use three strands throughout the rest of the stitching. Try split stitch for the cones, stem stitch for the cherries and seed stitch for the sprinkles.

    If you like lots of sprinkles on your ice cream, you can add more seed stitch to the treats. If you're feeling creative, dress up the flavors of your ice cream with the kinds of goodies you might find in this frozen delight. For example, embroidered chocolate chips, nuts, fruit and more.

    Now, it's time to stitch up this design before it starts to melt! Happy stitching!

    Note: This pattern is copyright Mollie Johanson and may be used for personal projects and making small batches of items for sale.