How to Turn Old Jeans Into a Skirt

Denim skirt

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Jeans with holes in them have been fashionable for decades, but the look is not for everyone. If a hole in your favorite pair of jeans has got you down, this quick and easy project will show you how to recycle them into a stylish new skirt.

This project also can serve as a solution for your daughter's wardrobe if those jeans you seemingly just bought her are suddenly too short for her growing legs. Instead of saving them for a younger sibling or donating them to Goodwill, you can turn them into a skirt. By incorporating her into the project, you also are modeling for her both an opportunity to be creative and a means of getting the most out of products before discarding them.

For this project, you will need:

  • An old pair of jeans
  • Sturdy thread. Remember that denim is a heavy material, and upholstery thread or embroidery thread works well.
  • A needle or sewing machine
  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors
  • A seam ripper
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    Cut the Legs off of Your Jeans

    Cut off the legs of your jeans

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    Lay your jeans out on your work surface, and cut off the legs at the desired length for your skirt. Then, set the legs aside.

    Note: Be sure to include a seam allowance when choosing your skirt length. This means you should leave at least an extra 1/4 inch of fabric for the seam.

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    Rip out the Inseam

    Rip the inseam

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    Flip the pants inside out, and use a seam ripper to rip out the inseam. A seam ripper is a small tool used to remove the seams so you are not tearing the fabric.

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    Rip out the Front and Back Seam

    Rip the front and back seam

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    Rip the front seam all the way up to the zipper. Then, repeat with the back seam, going up the same distance. Your pants should now lay flat and be completely open beneath the zipper.

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    Pin Together

    Use fabric from the pants legs to fill in the void at the center of the skirt

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    Flip the pants right side out again, and use fabric from the leftover pants legs to fill in the wedge-shaped void at the center of the skirt, both front and back. Pin in place.

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    Stitch the Center Fabric in Place

    Stitch the center fabric in place

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    Now, stitch the center fabric in place. Use a contrasting color thread if you want your stitches to show. Use a complementary color thread if you want to hide your stitches.

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    Hem the Skirt

    Hem the skirt

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    Hem the bottom of the skirt, and your new creation is ready to wear.

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    Additional Tips

    Finished Skirt

    The Spruce / Erin Huffstetler

    For a fun look, cut a wedge out of each side seam, and stitch an additional fabric panel in each one, or turn a pair of worn-out twill pants into a new khaki skirt.

    You don't even have to stop with just jeans or other styles of pants. In much the same way, old t-shirts or sweatshirts that no longer fit or have become frayed or stretched out can be collected together and turned into an eclectic-looking blanket to wrap around yourself while reading a book or watching TV on a cold night.

    The possibilities for creativity are endless.