How to Throw an Origami Party

Host a unique party that people will remember!

origami placemats
Origami placemats teach guests how to make their own paper folding projects.

An origami party provides a perfect way to celebrate your love of paper folding. This is a great party theme that can be adapted to suit almost any occasion. Depending upon the décor, activities, and food choices, you could have an origami themed child's birthday party or have an origami themed celebration in honor of a friend's promotion at work. Paper folding is fun for people of all ages, so this would even work well as a basis for a family reunion.


Handmade invitations are a natural choice for an origami party. Check out these very pretty hexagonal origami envelopes, these would make a very stylish invite.
You could also make your own computer-generated invitation using the free Origami Font by Peter Fritzsche.


Obviously, you'll want to showcase your origami skills in choosing your party decorations. Make colorful origami kusudama flowers or make origami medallions to hang from the ceiling. Fold some paper cranes, elephants, fish, or whatever your favorite origami animal happens to be. If you want to be really dramatic, cut squares from wrapping paper and fold large-scale origami versions of your favorite models.

When folding decorations for your party, feel free to mix and match origami papers. As long as there is some consistent element between the designs, such as using all paper with floral patterns or all paper with at least one shade of purple, the final effect will be visually pleasing. You can also make some of your models with metallic origami paper to provide emphasis on strategic portions of your party décor.

Activities for Your Origami Party

Allowing plenty of time for your guests to make origami is crucial to having a successful origami theme party. Give your guests lots of paper to practice with. In addition to purchasing stacks of origami paper from a craft store, you could also use fun origami paper placemats by Fred and Friends (buy online) to inspire your guests to explore their creative side. These placemats have the folding instructions printed right on them, so guests don't even need to wait for your help to begin the project.

Puppy faces are a cute beginner project for kids to try. Paper airplanes are popular origami projects that are fun for guests to fold and race. You could also make origami boats and send your creations floating down a nearby stream. The possibilities are endless, although keep in mind the ages and abilities of your guests when choosing your entertainment. If you're planning a party for children, our Tips for Teaching Origami to Kids article offers some advice on planning your paper folding lesson.

For older party guests with previous paper folding experience, challenge them to come up with their own unique origami design. Assign each person's project a number, then have a panel of "judges" vote on the creations to award a small prize to the most memorable design.

Ideas for Party Food

Origami is traditionally associated with Japanese culture. Sushi is the first food many people think of when you mention Japan, but trying to get children to eat sushi is likely to be difficult. For a kid-friendly party treat, serving candy sushi using the recipe from the About Candy website.

Bento meals are another popular Japanese cuisine idea that would work well for an origami themed party. About Japanese Food has several different ideas for Bento lunches that you could adapt to fit the needs of your party.

Having an origami themed party with adult guests? Serve some sake of course!

Party Favors for an Origami Theme Party

Party favors aren't really needed for an origami themed celebration, since your guests will be taking home the models they have made. But, if you want to offer a small token of your appreciation, Hapa Culture has several themed origami mini kits that you could give to each guest so they have a fun project to complete at a later date. Pencils decorated with your favorite origami paper designs, made by following the instructions at Hello Hydrangea, would also be cute souvenirs from your event.