How to Make a Dalmatian Costume

Convert Everyday Clothing Into a Favorite Halloween Costume

Halloween preparations
AleksandarNakic / Getty Images

Whether for a school play or trick-or-treating on Halloween, this Dalmatian costume can become a child's favorite pajamas when the occasion is over. Follow these simple directions to convert a plain sweatsuit, pajamas or a dance leotard into an adorable Dalmatian costume.


  • A white sweatsuit, pajamas or dance leotard (A sweatsuit with a hood allows the "Dalmatian" to cover the head)
  • Black felt or tightly woven black fabricĀ  - To make black dots on the body of the costume. The amount will vary with the size of the costume.


  • Pre-wash the base outfit to remove any fabric finishes which will prevent the fusible from working correctly.
  • Apply the fusible web to the black felt. Cut out various size and shape spots. Refer to Dalmatian pictures for help in creating the spots. Fuse the spots to the sweatsuit and ears.
  • Create a tail by cutting out a long strip of felt and attaching it to the back bottom of the costume. Apply one or two spots if desired. Halloween Costume Animal Tails - Ideas and Directions
  • Create a black nose with makeup or eyeliner pencil.