How to Put Side Slits in a Skirt

Put side slits in a skirt to show off a little leg. This is a great way to refresh an old skirt or to give more room to a skirt that is too snug on your knees. These instructions require minimal sewing experience.

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    Materials You'll Need

    Pleated skirt

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    • Scissors (probably a small pair of embroidery scissors, or a pair you use for fine, detailed work)
    • Medium-sized sewing needle
    • Thread, which should closely match the skirt fabric (unless the look you're going for calls for a contrasting or different color)
    • Straight pins, to pin the seam while you measure the length
    • Iron and ironing board
    • Seam ripper (optional)

    Gather your supplies and you're ready to inspect the seam. Whether you're repairing a damaged seam or creating a new one, take your time so you don't tear out too many stitches. 

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    Measure and Mark the Seam

    Designer using tailor chalk

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    Mark the top of where the slit will start with a marking tool such as tailors' chalk (which leaves only a temporary mark). Use your measuring tape to measure the length of the slit you want to sew, then pin the seam to prepare it for sewing.

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    Open the Bottom Hem

    Put Side Slits in a Skirt

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    Locate the side seams on the skirt. Using your seam ripper (or scissors), remove the seam stitching in the bottom hem of the skirt where it meets the side seam. You will only need to undo enough of the hem to get to the side seam. Go slowly so that you don't rip too much of the seam.

    You are opening the bottom hem so that you can open the side seam. 

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    Remove the Side Stitching

    Put Side Slits in a Skirt

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    Unfold the bottom hem and start to remove the stitching from the side seam of the skirt with your seam ripper. Cut a little bit of the seam thread to show a small portion of your leg, or go higher to show a bit more. After loosening a few inches, put the skirt on to check if you have opened the seam as high as you'd like.

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    Iron the Sides of the Slit

    Put Side Slits in a Skirt

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    With your skirt inside out, lay the sides of the seam flat and iron them down. This will make sewing much easier when you re-sew the sides of the seams you've torn out.

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    Sew the Sides

    How to Put Side Slits in a Skirt

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    Refold the bottom hem. Sew along the flaps on each side of the slit, from the bottom to the top of each side of your new side slit. Tie off the thread at each end to prevent unraveling. The large stitch in the photo more easily shows where to sew, but ideally, you'll use a smaller stitch to camouflage your work.

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    See the Finished Skirt

    How to Put Side Slits in a Skirt

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    You can put a large slit on just one side, or try two small slits on each side. Large side slits are great for wearing with patterned tights. You can use this technique on longer skirts and dresses too for a sophisticated evening look.