How to Mend a Lining

Clothes that have linings tend to be more expensive to purchase. Knowing how to mend a lining can save you some solid cash. Use these easy step-by-step instructions to mend a lining.

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    What You Will Need

    Seam ripper to fix lining
      Si Ththi Phngs Mun La Sri / EyeEm / Getty Images
    • Scissors
    • Medium-sized sewing needle
    • Thread: closely match the fabric
    • Straight pins
    • Seam ripper (optional): handy if you make mistakes

    Let's get started.

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    Assess the Damage

    How to Mend a Lining

    Rain Blanken / The Spruce

    First, you will need to assess the damage and see what needs to be re-sewn. Turn your garment inside-out and find the area on the lining that has become a hole. Most commonly, holes will appear along the seam where the seam stitching has come undone.

    Now you are ready to pin the fabric.

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    Pin the Fabric

    How to Mend a Lining

    Rain Blanken / The Spruce

    Since linings are on the inside of clothing where they are seldom seen, you can get away with sewing on the visible side of the fabric. Pinch the fabric between two fingers along the tear. Pin the fabric back together so that it is easier to sew.

    Now you can begin to sew.

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    Sew the Lining

    Mend a Lining

    Rain Blanken / The Spruce

    Start to sew at one end of the tear. Be sure that you are using a thread that is identical to the color of the lining fabric. This way your repair is invisible.

    Try using a kind of stitch called a "blanket stitch" for this project, pictured above. A blanket stitch will help to secure the raw edges.

    Sew along your pinned fabric, staying as close to the edge as possible. Tie off your thread at the other end. Remove the pins and smooth out the area of the repair.