How to Make Pom-Poms

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    Make Your Template

    Selection of colourful wool pom poms.
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    Making pom-poms for your knitting projects is quick and easy. The first thing you need to do is decide how long you want the ends of your pom-poms to be.

    For this example, we've made a pom-pom with threads that are two inches long from the middle of the pom-pom.

    A pom-pom is formed by wrapping yarn around a folded piece of cardboard. For two-inch yarn pieces, cut a piece of cardboard four inches long (width is not important) and folded it in half lengthwise.

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    Wrapping the Yarn

    Blue yarn wrapped around paper
    Sarah E. White

    Once you've folded your cardboard piece in half, start wrapping your desired yarn around the cardboard lengthwise.

    The more times you wrap the yarn around the cardboard, the more full and thick your finished pom-pom will be. There's no right number of wraps.

    If you're making a project with multiple pom-poms, you might want to count how many times you wrap the yarn so that all of your pom-poms end up looking the same.

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    Slide in Another Piece of Yarn

    Blue yarn wrapped on paper
    Sarah E. White

    Once you've wrapped the cardboard piece to your satisfaction, cut the yarn. Cut another piece of yarn about six inches long. This is going to form the center piece of your pom-pom.

    Slide this piece of yarn into the middle of your cardboard piece, leaving one end hanging down on each side. If you're having trouble getting the yarn where it needs to go, thread it onto a tapestry needle and it will go right through.

    Now that your thread is in place, all you have to do is tie it in a knot...MORE around the wrapped threads.

    You should tie the pieces together on the side where the cardboard is cut, and tie the knot as tightly as you can because soon this is going to be the only thing holding your pom-pom together.

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    Cutting Threads and Finishing

    Blue yarn
    Sarah E. White

    Now it's time to cut your pom-pom free from its cardboard template. Use sharp scissors and cut as close to the center line opposite where you just tied the other piece of yarn as you can.

    It's best if you can get all the threads in one cut, but that is often difficult when you're working with a large pom. Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect; you can always give it a bit of a haircut later if one side ends up with a really long piece.

    Once you've cut the pom-pom open,...MORE slide your knot to center if necessary and tie a stronger knot in the yarn that is holding the pom-pom together.

    Now that your pom-pom has been liberated from the cardboard, all you have to do is fluff it up a bit to get it to look like a pom-pom.

    Once you've done that, you can attach it to a knitted project such as a hat, scarf, purse, cat toy or anything else you like.

    The easiest way to attach a pom-pom to a knitted object is to use one of the long tails of the length of yarn used to tie the pom-pom together. Thread this yarn onto a tapestry needle and weave in and out through the knitted item to ensure that the pom-pom is secured firmly.