7 Creative Ideas for DIY Mini Scrapbooks

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Record important life moments and milestones in one of these mini scrapbooks. While they're great as standalone scrapbooks, many of them are also perfect for adding to a larger scrapbook when you need a little more room to share some extra special memories. They also make fabulous gifts for family members, teachers, coaches, and friends, who will treasure the thought and effort involved in putting them together. The best part is that you can easily complete each of these DIY scrapbook projects in a day or less.

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    Mini Pocket Scrapbook

    One Sheet Mini Pocket Scrapbook Ludens

    This three-by-four-inch mini scrapbook has eight pages, each of which has a small pocket that can hold photos, memorabilia such as ticket stubs, small notes, or journaling tags. This little DIY scrapbook would be perfect as a birthday card with the title "8 Wishes for You" or an anniversary card titled "8 Reasons I Love You." You can also attach this book to a larger scrapbook page and use it to hold your journaling or extra photos.

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    Scrapbook in a Box Ludens

    The scrapbook-in-a-box is a mini book that unfolds accordion-style from a small decorated box to reveal photos, journaling, and other embellishments. This scrapbook can easily be created in just a few hours and is perfect for gift-giving for the holidays, birthdays, Mother's Day, graduation, or any other special occasion.

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    Accordion Fold Mini Book

    Accodion Fold Mini Book on a Scrapbook Page Ludens

    Can't fit all your favorite photos on a single scrapbook page? This mini accordion fold scrapbook is a neat and decorative way to pack in even more memories. Use it whenever you have too many photos and not enough space in a scrapbook. This tutorial is also simple for kids to follow so they can create their own mini DIY scrapbooks to help them remember special occasions.

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    CD Holder Mini Scrapbook

    CD Holder Mini Scrapbook Ludens

    Merging digital with analog, this mini album allows you to incorporate your photos, embellishments, and journaling with a CD of recorded music or video clips on every page. Each page of the book has a pocket that you can embellish like a scrapbook page; once decorated, you'll insert CDs into the pockets.

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    Recipe Book or Birthday Card Organizer Mini Scrapbook

    Recipe Mini Book Ludens

    This versatile book has a large pocket on every page. It can be used as a family recipe scrapbook that will be treasured for generations, as a personal organizer, or to hold photos, cards, and other ephemera.

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    Stand-Up Mini Book

    One Sheet Mini Book Barbour

    All you need is a single sheet of cardstock to make this DIY mini scrapbook. The book can stand on its own and contains six sides to decorate. It makes a fabulous little gift book, and it can also be attached to a larger scrapbook page when you need more room for journaling and photos.

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    Container Brag Book Albums

    Container Book Horch

    Mini scrapbooks give you a chance to turn trash into treasure, allowing you to repurpose CD holders, empty mint tins, and other things you'd otherwise throw away into timeless mementos. This article shows you how to make a scrapbook in an empty die box––recycling at its best.