Making Faux Succulent Hangers

Faux Succulent Hangers

The Spruce / Caylin Harris

Gather Your Materials

Supplies needed for faux succulent hangers
The Spruce / Caylin Harris

Everyone wants a pop of green in their home, but not everyone can actually keep a real plant alive. And while most people think succulents are lower maintenance like air plants or cacti, succulents are pretty fickle. They usually need special soil and just the right amount of water to sustain them. That's why we decided to save you some heartache and time and use faux versions in these easy to make mini hanging gardens. No muss, no fuss!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Faux succulents
  • Wood boxes
  • Foam brush
  • Craft paint
  • Hot glue
  • Wire cutters

Separate Your Succulents

Trim and separate your faux succulents
The Spruce / Caylin Harris

Trust us, you're going to be really grateful that you're not trying to do this with living plants. But when you do pick up your selection of succulents you're most likely going to have to separate them. You'll also want to pay attention to the quality of the faux succulents you're purchasing. Good ones will have a nice color variation and no extra pieces of plastic along the edges. A variety of shapes and colors will really make this project look its best. Use your wire cutter to snip at the wire stems at the bases to remove them from their original design. Set them aside.

Paint Your Wood Boxes

Paint your wooden boxes
The Spruce / Caylin Harris

Next, on a covered surface, you'll want to paint your unfinished wood boxes. Keeping the colors different but in the same color family will look really nice. Also, be mindful of your home décor so these match once they're finished. Using a foam brush will help minimize brush strokes, but since these wood boxes are unfinished, they're already very forgiving and will soak up your craft paint. You might need two coats, but stop when you're satisfied with how the color looks. Let the boxes dry completely before starting on the next step!

Plan Out Your Design

Plan out where your succulents should go within each container
The Spruce / Caylin Harris

Don't scoff at or skip this step—seriously. The last thing you want to do is pick up your succulents and start gluing them wherever. You'll get better results if you take a minute to mix and match the shapes and colors you want styled together. Keep in mind that variation in sizes always looks great. You don't want all of the succulents to be the same color or the same size. Play around with what works in each of the three containers to decide where they should all go.

Hot Glue Your Succulents

Hot glue your faux plants into their boxes
The Spruce / Caylin Harris

Using a glue gun on the low setting, generously apply hot glue to the bottom of the succulents on the stem and even on some of the bottom leaves. Stick them inside the wood boxes and let cool.

The real beauty of these is because there isn't dirt, real plants, or heavy plant holders, they're a cinch to put up on the wall. You can use a simple wall hanging strip stuck to the back of each box to hang. Now you can just decorate with them and not have to worry about watering or letting these little beauties die. They look great in any room but would look especially sweet in an office, nursery, or mixed in with an eclectic gallery wall.