How to Make Cookies in a Jar For a Gift

Holiday cookie fixings layered in jar

James Baigrie/Getty Images

These cookie mixes in mason jars make fun and unique gifts. These cookie mixes, complete with recipe gift tag, were loved by everyone on our gift list, and we hope everyone you give them too feels the same way. Be creative when you make your jars, and make sure you add your own personalized and finishing touches.

Follow the steps below to make your cookies in a jar. Start by gathering the basic supplies you will need. Then pick a recipe and gather together those ingredients. Finally, you can fill and decorate the jar. Don't forget to print out a recipe gift card to give along with the jar.

Gathering Supplies

Start by gathering these basic supplies. You will use the same basic supplies no matter what cookie recipe you choose.

  • Quart Size Canning Jars with Lids
  • Scrap Fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Recipe and Required Ingredients (below)

Filling the Jar

Follow these simple instructions when you are ready to start filling your jars with the cookie ingredients.

  1. Thoroughly wash and dry the jars and lids.
  2. Pick a recipe from below and gather your ingredients.
  3. Use the instructions and tips from the recipe you choose and fill the jar.

Choose a Recipe and Printable Tag

Browse through the recipes below and choose your favorite to try or you can try them all.

Decorating the Jar

Use your imagination and these suggestions to decorate your jars.

  1. Fabric: Cut a circle out of the fabric that is 6- to 8-inches across. We traced around the top of a bowl. Place the round section of the jar's lid on the jar and center the fabric on that. Screw the other section of the lid in place to hold the fabric. Fluff out the fabric where it comes out from under the lid.
  2. Recipe: Print out your choice of the printable recipe card/gift tag that goes with the recipe you chose. Trim closely around the recipe and graphic. Put a small piece of scotch tape on the upper right-hand section of the 'Printable Gift Tag' recipe (right behind the top edge of the graphic). This is to give it a little extra strength. Use a hole puncher and make a small hole in the taped corner.
  3. Ribbon: Cut an approximate 2-foot piece of ribbon. We actually used 2 pieces of ribbon with colors that matched the fabric. Thread the ribbon through the hole in the 'Printable Gift Tag' recipe. Wrap the ribbon around the metal of the jar lid and tie it into a bow. Secure in place with a small dab of glue behind the bow and in the back.