Easy Bath Salt Recipes

We've become a culture of quick showers rather than long luxurious baths...but the times when we do want to take a long soak, adding some scented and/or therapeutic salts to the water really make the bath wonderful. They're super easy to make, and with some variations in scents and ingredients, you can customize them into a wide variety of spa-like creations. Here are some basic instructions and basic recipes to get you started.

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    Here are the basic instructions and ingredients you'll need to make your own marvelous custom bath salts.

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    Oatmeal is a wonderful soothing treat for your skin. Here's a recipe that incorporates it into your bath salts.

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    Have a stuffy nose? The essential oils in this recipe are known for their cold-symptom-helping qualities.

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    Cleopatra and other sophisticated ladies have bathed in milk for centuries. This simple recipe is very flexible and customizable to your own royal desires.

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    A wonderful treat for your tired aching feet!