How to Make an Origami Turkey

Origami Turkey

Origami Turkey Tutorial. Chrissy Pk

This origami project is a great holiday craft for kids. You can make this origami turkey at Thanksgiving or kids can keep a happy family of origami turkeys to play with their other farm animal toys.

Supplies Needed

  • 1 sheet of square paper

Tip: Larger paper is recommended to start with, for example, we recommend a size of 20 cm x 20 cm. You can use brown colored paper and color or paint your turkey at the end.

Begin Folding the Turkey

Origami Turkey Tutorial Phase 1. Chrissy Pk
  • Start by folding your paper in half diagonally–fold the left corner over to the right corner and unfold.
  • Next, fold the left and right lower edges to the central crease.
  • Fold the top point down on top of the two flaps.

Tip: Make your folds as precise and clean as possible, this will ensure the best results. If you're a beginner origami folder, start by folding with some printer paper and not expensive paper–once you've mastered the origami model, you can then use the special paper.

Continue Folding the Turkey

Origami Turkey Tutorial Phase 2. Chrissy Pk
  • Open the left and right flaps and tuck the top flap in underneath.
  • Flip the paper to the other side.
  • Fold the left and right corners down diagonally, aligning to the central crease. Unfold.
  • Flip the paper back over to the other side.

Continue Folding the Turkey

Origami Turkey Tutorial Phase 3. Chrissy Pk
  • Pull the top right corner down as indicated.
  • Do the same on the left side.
  • Fold the left and right flaps outwards diagonally to align with the diagonal creases underneath.
  • Fold the flaps back as shown.

Continue Folding the Turkey

Origami Turkey Tutorial Phase 4. Chrissy Pk
  • Fold the right side of the model over to the left, sandwiching the 'legs' inside.
  • Rotate the model and create the creases that are indicated.
  • Open out the model and make them outside reverse folds.
  • Next, make a crease for the turkey's 'head.'

Tip: Learn to make an outside reverse fold.

Finish Folding Your Origami Turkey

Origami Turkey Tutorial Final Phase. Chrissy Pk
  • Outside reverse fold the last crease to make the head.
  • Make a crease for the 'beak.'
  • Finally, you can inside reverse fold the beak.

Your origami turkey is now complete! If your turkey is having trouble standing, try opening out the bottom of the model a bit more, making the legs wider apart or add weight to the front of the model, such as a paperclip or some blue-tack.

You can decorate your origami turkey with eyes, either drawn on or use some googly eyes. If desired, you can also draw some other details, such as the tail feathers. Make your turkey sit by folding the legs under.