How to Make Different Crafts Using Clay Pots

Everything from candleholders to bird baths makes this list.

Terra cotta pots

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Clay pots are so versatile they're a great way to make different kinds of crafts. You can decorate them with paint, markers or rubber stamps. You can add details to them by using rub-on decals, decoupage techniques, shaped sponges or stencils, which you can find free patterns for on the Internet. Embellish the pots with pom-poms, felt, pipe cleaners, feathers, buttons and just about any other item!

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    Decorations and Decorative Containers

    Clay pots are very easy to work with. The more you use them, the more ideas will come to you about making crafts with them in the future. To save some money, wait for them to go on sale or do some online comparison shopping to find the least inexpensive brand.

    If you're a novice crafter, you may feel more comfortable simply decorating the containers. Embellished pots are a beautiful way to store knick-knacks, keys and other small objects. 

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    Bird Baths

    Use a terra-cotta pot to make small bird baths for decorations around your home. If you have a yard filled with trees that attract birds, you can also make a full-size bird bath that the animals can actually use to clean themselves.

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    Clay Pot Plant Stand

    With this project, discover how easy it is to make a unique plant stands out of one or more clay pots.

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    Terra Cotta Pot People

    Terra cotta pot people craft
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    If you have a garden or any outside area that needs embellishing, learn to dress it up with this craft project. You'll discover how to use a variety of clay pots to make people.

    You can use a series of small pots to create arms and a big pot for the head. Paint eyes, nostrils, and lips on your terra cotta person, and add a straw wig and hat to give it a human touch. You can even use a scarf to tie around the neck. It's like the terra cotta version of the scarecrow.

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    Make Clay Pot Candles and Candle Holders

    Use small terra cotta pots and decorate them to make beautiful candle holders. These pots may not only be used to hold candles, but also as the base for homemade candles.

    Take caution, though; clay plots aren't normally glazed. If they aren't lined sufficiently, candle wax can penetrate the pores and start a fire. If you want to use a clay pot as a candle holder, it's imperative that you line it.

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    Make a Bell Out of an Upside Down Pot

    It's not hard at all to make a bell out of an upside-down clay pot. Simply decorate the exterior and use thinly cut wire to thread a jingle bell through the hole at the bottom of the pot. Voila!

    Now you can have a fancy bell for the holidays, parties or other special occasions. They also make great gifts!