How to Turn a Toilet Paper Roll Into a Pillow Box

Toilet Paper Roll Gift Box.

Erin Huffstetler

Do you need a box for a small gift? A pillow box is an excellent way to wrap a small item, be it a piece of jewelry, a pin, or money. They are also great for party favors. You can create a pillow box out of a toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll. For even longer pillow boxes, you might consider using a wrapping paper roll. Once you've got the hang of making pillow boxes, you'll keep your eye out for cardboard rolls to convert and decorate.

You may be hoarding little cardboard boxes for this purpose, but sometimes you lead the receiver astray by placing earrings in a box from a more expensive jeweler. By using a cardboard roll, you can use your creativity to decorate it. Here's how to make a pillow box.


  • Cardboard roll (toilet paper roll, paper towel roll, gift wrap roll, etc.)
  • Drinking glass
  • X-Acto knife
  • Ribbons, wrapping paper, stamps, and other decorations
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    Clean and Flatten Your Toilet Paper Roll

    Flatten Your Toilet Paper Roll

    Erin Huffstetler

    First, be sure to clean off any last bits of toilet paper or paper towel from the cardboard roll. Now, you will need to flatten the roll. Just a simple press with your hand will do. You don't want to completely flatten it because you still want it to form a pillow when you're finished.

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    Create the Flaps

    Cut the Flaps

    Erin Huffstetler

    To create the flaps, you could try to push in each end. But that can result in some clumsy-looking, unequal flaps. For a better result, use this method:

    Place a drinking glass at one end of the toilet paper roll, and lightly trace around it with an X-Acto knife to create a curve. You want to press down firmly enough to score the cardboard, but not enough to cut through it. Flip the toilet paper roll over, and do it again on the other side. Then, repeat the process on the other end of the roll.

    If you don't have an X-Acto knife, you could use a butter knife or other knife to make a shallow score on the cardboard.

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    Fold in the Flaps

    Fold in the Flaps

    Erin Huffstetler

    Bend the ends of the roll in along the score lines to form the sides of your pillow box. The beauty of a pillow box is that you can open and close it whenever you wish to fill it. It is reusable.

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    Fill Your Box and Decorate It

    Toilet Paper Roll Gift Box

    Erin Huffstetler

    Tuck your gift or party favor inside. Then, decorate the box with bits of wrapping paper or ribbon. You can use a rubber stamp to make designs as well, You or your kids can color or draw on the box, cover it with glitter, etc. It can be personalized however you wish.

    A caveat is that some people find the idea of using a toilet paper roll to be distasteful. You may not want to boast too loudly about the source of the cardboard roll. If you have decorated it enough, they will probably never guess. If challenged, it's up to you to come clean or say it was a paper towel roll.